The Collection Book Change That We Need! (Potential Re-Roll Built In!)

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Hey everyone, just revisiting an old idea that I thought sounded semi-decent… I'll try to keep it simple and to the point.

  • As players finish collections of a weapon (Consider a collection one "row" of weapons ranging from common to legendary) they unlock permanent transformation keys for that specific weapon.

  • This will require players to actively work on their collection book with decent rewards allowing them to re-transform an exact weapon of their choice to the rarity of their choice.

  • Should a player collect the grey common, green uncommon, blue rare, purple epic and orange legendary weapon of the same weapon type, they simply unlock a permanent Legendary Schematic. This Legendary Schematic can be used to transform any rarity of that weapon depending on the amount of "fodder" they use. The more fodder used = higher rarity schematic outcome.


This easily allows players to actually work towards something other than levels within the collection book AND have the ability to reacquire schematics accidently placed in their CB AND allows players to remake a schematic as many times as they like in order to acquire better rolls.

  • Side Note: Players "should" be able to decide what power level they craft a weapon at. A simple slider to pick between copper, silver, malachite, etc… once you reach the max level from that tier. It will ALWAYS be LV10 if you craft a Copper, LV20 for Silver, LV30 for Malachite, etc…

Lemme know whatcha think!

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