The current state of StW (my complete opinion with positives & negatives)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - The current state of StW (my complete opinion with positives & negatives)

I want to say (before I begin) that StW is one of my favorite games of all time. I have lots of fun playing it and have been through all of its highs and lows. Whilst I only started playing in late Season 4, I have found a lot of new ways to make this game extremely fun and feel new every time I play.

I have already made a post like this previously and it mainly had to do with negatives, but I really wanted to go over the positives this game has made.



By far, the best addition this season. I have had so much fun playing around with all these modes, but especially endurance. Endurance has been the most challenging thing this game has ever brought to me. It's not only challenging but it's also a test of who is able to make trap tunnels, fix up an amplifier, fix trap tunnels quickly, overall an amazing experience, and if you haven't done it already, I highly suggest you try it in Stonewood.

Wargames is an incredibly game changing experience that changes the way you play and design your trap tunnels. It's not only challenging, but allows you to create a bond with other players that may/may not know how to play. My personal favorite so far has to be Meltdown. It's an incredibly designed mode that changes the way you think and makes you use your trap tunnels.


This season we received a plethora of new storylines, like Blast from the Past & the space themed (I totally didn't forget the name) storyline. I enjoyed the new experience following Lok as he tells us his experience with the Cube and how the whole cast reacts to it.

Progressing through the storyline isn't difficult and you can easily do most missions in 1 Ride the Lightning/Retrieve the Data, etc.

The heroes this season are also super unique and very fun to use if you have the right weapons (such as the SciFi weapons). I personally don't use them because I have been using a lot of stuff from the year 2 llamas (which I will get into later).

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This was probably one of the biggest complaints back in Season 8. It was really rare to see a mission that gave a lot of ego mats which overall made leveling up heroes/weapons/survivors really hard if you want an enjoyable experience.

Now, you can get up to 120 raindrops in 1 mission more often and makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.



For the most part, my experience with these llamas have been absolutely positive. Got some of my favorite weapons and got to try out heroes that I never got to try because I missed them in events.

The only problem with these llamas is the dupes you get. I have already received 5-6 dupes from these llamas and feels like I am wasting 1,000 tickets on something that I expect to be new stuff.

I also feel as if there are year 1 items that I still really want to try but can't and probably won't until they are researchable.

Otherwise, I am in love with these llamas!



Trading is one of those things that I can never really have an opinion on because I don't do it, and I don't plan too. I don't like it, I think it's a waste of time and you're better off just getting what you need on your own.



Epic has done a pretty good job at getting rid of the leeches in Season 9, however, I feel as if there are not enough options we as players can do. I feel that there should be a vote kick option or if somebody is AFK for longer than 5 minutes they get removed from the match.

Vote kicking is actually a pretty popular idea amongst the StW community and I think the only people that would hate it is the people that are actually leeching.


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The underlying problem in this game (and it's holding it back quite a bit) are glitched missions. People literally lose the energy to play because of glitched missions. If you don't know what a glitched mission is, it's the inability to do a mission (despite having everything built) because of a bug that you cannot fix mid-match. The only solution is to leave and join a new one.

The big problem with this is that you are wasting materials. I avoid RTD missions because I fear that I will waste my mats again and lose the energy to play.

OVERALL, this game is at it's best in months. I have had so much fun in Wargames and Endurance, it has kept me coming back every time. So, thank you Epic Games for making an amazing game fun again!

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