The cutest little boy “scammed” me.

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - The cutest little boy “scammed” me.

My daily quest with a 50 v bucks reward was to complete 3 missions in Stoneville. As soon as the mission starts, this person sends me a party invite. Kid is like 10-13. Asks if I want to trade, says he needs 20 copper ore. I give him 200 and drop some epic guns/melee I have never used. He’s like let’s go back to my home base and I will trade you a 130 blahblahblah. He keeps going on about this 130, I have no idea what he is talking about. I cannot make it more clear that he has nothing that I want and I am enjoying being charitable. I mostly play Royale but came back for the v bucks. He also needs 20 coal.

While heading back to his home base I’m like yea what else do you want, he’s like “anything legendary and I will give you the 130 yadda-yadda.” I grab some legendary stuff I accidentally crafted/have rotting in my storage. He wants a grave digger but I have not heard of that (“what? You haven’t heard of that?! It’s only like the best weapon in the game!”)

We arrive. His base is all level one wood. He is level 4. He has me step into this area designated for trading that he has built, clearly seen on YouTube. He’s like “ok back up to that spot and drop your legendary weapons.” We are in separate rooms standing across from each other with a window in between so we can see we what each of us have dropped. he has closed me in. I do not have edits or else I would have updated his walls. He tells me to move forward, then comes over and blocks me in with a ramp and takes the loot I have dropped and says “ok bro, thanks, I took your stuff you can go now.” I’m like …… did you miss the part where I am giving you this stuff?

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He edits me out and is like “I just scammed you bro.” I’m like you kind of didn’t, oh wait I forgot to give you the 20 coal, do you still want that. He’s like oh yea, thanks. Then he starts to feel bad, offers me some green level gun. 🤦‍♀️ Starts justifying it, saying how he just got scammed and he was so mad. I inform the youngster, “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” he asks me if I’ve ever scammed anyone. Tells me about how his heart was beating hard, how he was scared and not sure if it was gonna work or if he should do it. (That’s the rush, kid.) says, “wow I never thought I’d have a legendary weapon!” Then asks if I want to play some missions.

A couple of his friends came on and they talked about how much people are scamming on there. I was like dudes, don’t party chat with people. Play your own game. Level up your own shit. Stop crafting every gun the second you get the recipe idk why tf he was doing that. He just wanted to keep scamming people to own all the guns, it’s not Pokémon you don’t have to catch em all plus you got limited backpack space. I’m not telling you guys stuff you don’t already know. This kid did not know how to change heroes but was dead set on scamming legendaries on every mission…

While we were talking, he spent a $50 gift card completely on llamas. He was sure he’d get this “gravedigger” schematic. I didn’t say anything. And he didn’t get it. Epic games must be rolling in the dough.

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