The Entire Story and How the Fortnite Rifts/Multiverse Works (I promise you didn’t know some of this stuff)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - The Entire Story and How the Fortnite Rifts/Multiverse Works (I promise you didn't know some of this stuff)

I know what you're thinking, "There have been a thousand posts about this, shut up already!"

Bear with me here, I know there have been waaaaay too many posts claiming to have the entire story solved, but trust me, I've got a lot of stuff here that you haven't heard of.

First Things First

If you haven't seen the entire story of Canny Valley (from Sᴛᴡ), please do. Watch these 3 videos before continuing, it's actually really entertaining:

  • ACT 1
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  • ACT 2

  • ACT 3

Alright, done? In case you didn't know, the cube is the storm.

That's right, the cube is the storm. It is the same energy, the same evil. The cube is the power source for the corrupted water vapor known as "The Storm".

The Timeline of the Cube

Please look at this image for a complete understanding of the timeline of the cube.

(Twine Peaks refers to the final area of Sᴛᴡ that does not currently have a story or unique biome, meaning it is incomplete.)

How the Fortnite Universe Multiverse Works

So we've got three dimensions: X, Y, and Z. We also have one dimension for time. The fourth dimension (time) can be moved through like the first three, however, normal humans have not found a way to do that on any useful scale.

We'll get back to that stuff later.

If there are multiple universes, what's in-between them? Does that area count as a 3D space? If so, is this "in-between" a universe itself? Who cares! There's a cool little place called- you guessed it- "The In-Between"!
FsD6XUh - The Entire Story and How the Fortnite Rifts/Multiverse Works (I promise you didn't know some of this stuff)

(canon name btw)

gW9rKmV - The Entire Story and How the Fortnite Rifts/Multiverse Works (I promise you didn't know some of this stuff)

Here's an explanation of the in-between on a 2D scale.

Going into the rifts (or if you want to sound cool, "in-between gateways") is unpredictable. Remember, your phone screen isn't supposed to be cracked. While they do allow travel, going into a random space crack in the middle of nowhere does not usually have good effects on your health (note the fall from skydiving height) compared to stabilized ones, like the portals in Wailing Woods.

Normal rifts and the small portals that were in Wailing Woods do have one thing in common though: They both spit you out immediately. So I think that however long you stay in the in-between when you enter a rift depends on how large it is. The rocket took a few tries before it made a fracture big enough to enter the in-between without being spat out.

In the in-between, space-time isn't very consistent and moving around in that "space" might also move you around in time.

There is a misunderstanding that after the butterfly event, we went into a new timeline. This is not true, it is simply the aftermath of the cube's explosion.
zvP5MBa - The Entire Story and How the Fortnite Rifts/Multiverse Works (I promise you didn't know some of this stuff)


The writers at Epic have almost certainly put together at least a basic guideline for how this entire multiverse is pieced together and the whole thing with the butterfly shows that.

Story Time!

Now that you understand how the Fortnite multiverse works, it's finally time to tell the story so far, from start to finish.

Here we go!


From Pre-Season to Season 2, Fortnite did not have any significant story. We'll skip this part.

A Little Speck in the Sky

Near the end of Season 3, a bright blue comet appeared in the sky. Over time, it got closer and closer until meteorites were hitting the island.

Brace for Impact

Season 4 starts off with a bang, literally. The comet has landed in the middle of the map, spawning stones around the divot called "Hop Rocks". Not much is known about this weird element, but it may be related to the cube. In an attempt to distract the public from the strange visitor inside the comet, the government creates a superhero movie. You shouldn't really care about the movie, it doesn't do much for the story. Meanwhile, The Visitor has escaped from his pod that was hidden inside the comet. He moves to the villain base that was used for the movie and turns the rocket (that was supposed to be a movie prop) into a real one using hop rocks that the government was supplying him with. (Because, apparently, the prop worked pretty well as an actual rocket.)

The Visitor Takes a Shortcut

Instead of using up fuel by flying all the way to his home planet, The Visitor utilizes the in-between to sorta "cheat" and take a shortcut to his destination. It takes a few tries, but he eventually makes a gateway big enough to allow him to travel fully into the in-between and back home. (We're not sure if he made it, hopefully, he did.)

Then Comes the Consequences

Turns out, this guy didn't care about what he left behind. Now we've got this giant crack, and it's expanding. It managed to make a link to an anomaly in The California Desert and teleport the in-game Durr Burger sign into our universe. That's right, the one we all live in.

So there's other random stuff appearing all around the world, like llamas and police cars in the Fortnite art style! Sadly, it ended in a failed ARG. 🙁

The tomato head on top of Uncle Pete's Pizza also got teleported back in time. Goodbye, tomatohead… for now. 🤔

Worlds Collide

At the start of Season 5, the anomaly linking our dimension with Fortnite's dimension closed. All of the "reality hiccups" start sucking everything back in, but an unlucky fellow nicknamed "Drift" decides to vandalize the Durr Burger sign at the wrong time and is brought into the world of Fortnite, along with stuff like loads of sand from the desert, a viking village from the past, and strange stone heads all over the map.

3 characters meet Drift as soon as he is dropped in: Rex, Cuddle Team Leader, and Brite Bomber. Their adventures aren't significant to the story very much, but I do want to mention that Brite Bomber got that Drift, if ya know what I mean.

In mid-august, the rift started to shrink. Eventually, it turned purple and emitted a strange metallic sound when aimed at. At the same time, a temple that was built thousands of years ago for the one and only tomatohead was teleported into the map.


The Arrival of the Cube

5gqez - The Entire Story and How the Fortnite Rifts/Multiverse Works (I promise you didn't know some of this stuff)

Please watch this video for an explanation on how the cube arrived.

After multiple strange lightning strikes from the rift, a giant purple cube emerged and the rift collapsed.

Not too long after the arrival of the cube, it began to roll. Yep, for some reason, the all-powerful cube decided that the best way to move around was to ROLL. As a CUBE.

In case you didn't know, cubes kinda suck at rolling

Anyway, little by little, the cube rolls to its first pit-stop near Fatal Fields.

Stage 1 of the Cube's Plan

The cube begins the first step of its plan to take over Athena by burning strange runes into the ground. These runes leave behind large domes with a low gravity effect.

Over time, 6 more runes are printed all over the map. Eventually, the cube reaches Loot Lake… and melts into it? Yep, the cube melts like a bath bomb into Loot Lake, making the entire surface behave like the cube for 5 days before season 6.

Darkness Rises

…Literally. The cube has re-formed underground and pushed the middle island of Loot Lake into the sky, creating a cool-looking floating island with a vortex of wind surrounding it. This vortex creates a whirlpool that drains water into a weird portal.

Not much is known why this portal exists, but the real question is: How does Loot Leaky Lake have an inifinite supply of water? O_O /s

Meanwhile, all of the runes have corrupted the area around them and spawned little shards of the cube called "Shadow Stones". These stones could be consumed for the ability to turn invisible and float through walls.

Stage 2

The floating island begins moving from its original location, towards every single rune. Powering them up one by one, the cube finally makes it to the rune near the center of the map and begins summoning all the other 6 runes towards it. After extracting power from them, the island returns to Leaky Lake and starts emitting a strange light in the sky.

This strange light started to expand until it turned into what looked like a portal.

Fortnitemares / Stage 3

After the portal has finished opening, the cube decides to blow up the floating island into 3 pieces. (You know, for some breathing room.)

Using the portal to transport "Cube Monsters" all over the map, it plans to rid Athena of all humans.

Near the end of Fortnitemares however, it appears the people have fought back against the cube and are breaking it away, piece by piece until it pisses itself starts leaking energy into the hole below.

The Butterfly Effect

After the last drop of energy is gone, and people are wondering why it happened at 1:01 instead of 1:00, the cube begins to spin. It spins faster and faster until it glows white before eventually exploding, sending a shockwave and blinding light all across the island. For a second, there's nothing. But then…

Every single person from every single game of Fortnite Battle Royale is transported to The In-Between.

Those aren't stars, those are people. Millions of people.

Talk about worlds collide! Different sounds can be heard while in this area, but one that a lot of people notice is
3wng - The Entire Story and How the Fortnite Rifts/Multiverse Works (I promise you didn't know some of this stuff)

the rocket siren. (Useless note: I can confirm that the rocket siren is a seperate file outside the Butterfly event folder.)

While in the in-between, a lot of unsettling sounds from conflicting timelines can be heard before finally being teleported back. We come back to see that the pieces of the floating island have all beem thrown to the side, parts of the cube are on the ground, and the lake has completely drained… about time. 😒

A New Anomaly?

As we mourn Kevin's death, a strange cloud can be seen in the distance. It appears to be an ice storm of some kind.

Temperatures are declining and the ice storm is getting closer. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a giant iceberg!

Many theorize that the iceberg appeared due to a rift. After all, those things seem to be the only reason weird stuff happens anymore.

Assuming this is true, the iceberg comes from a funny dimension where Santa is literally a buff war veteran who could pick you up and snap your spine in half if he wanted to… I'm not complaining.

Polar Peak

The iceberg has collided with the island and added about 20% more landmass. Inside the iceberg sits a castle covered in snow.

Over the next weeks, the snow melted away to reveal the castle. Then, the iceberg itself began to melt.

As more and more of the castle was revealed, players noticed eggs containing small creatures that resembled dragons, these eggs would emit a heartbeat when looked at.

While the ice melted even more, a strange sphere appeared above Polar Peak. This sphere protected the Ice King himself while he charged up an attack, powered by a shard of… THE CUBE!

Gettin' Chilly

The Ice King broke out of the sphere and projected a large form behind him. Using this giant form, he swirled up a huge snowstorm that enveloped the map.

After the entire map was covered in snow, Cube Monsters 2.0 the Ice Leigon began appearing all over. These monsters are a modified version of cube monsters, this is most likely because the Ice King charged the cube with ice energy instead of the evil energy that the cube was usually full of.

The Prisoner

As the ice melted even further, a figure emerged. This figure is none other than the fire king, encased in ice. After he finally melted the entire iceberg, he sets out on a journey to re-charge his powers.

Once his powers returned, he performed a ritual to create a volcano near Wailing Woods. Over time, Wailing Woods dried up and ashes began rising from the ground.

Adventure Awaits

To quote Will Smith, "thas hot, thas haaaut"

Season 8 kicks off with the volcano finally appearing! The fire king has set up his own living space there. Some of the eggs have hatched and reveals multiple instances of "Hybrid", a cool ninja-dragon. (Because it is a well-known law of the universe that ninja-dragons are awesome.)

The Ice King, Fire King, and a crew of Fishsticks set out on an adventure to find treasure! Yeah, I think this part was just for the trailer…

Meanwhile, the "Master Key" skin has one of his keys stolen by the Hybrids, this most likely has something to do with Luxe. (This is why the skin is currently so boring, there's gonna be more stuff later on)

The government from Season 4 has returned and is digging out spots on the map in search for hop rocks, but they might just uncover something else…

Thanks for reading! Let me know if I missed anything or I got something wrong. Thanks!

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