The ENTIRE storyline explained. (long post, TL;DR at bottom)

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - The ENTIRE storyline explained. (long post, TL;DR at bottom)

(Physics student here) Im on mobile, so sorry for typo’s.

Very complex and in-depth theory ahead, read at own risk

(Not exactly in chronological order, but that is for a reason, and will make sense later on)

To start at the 4th tape;

“—Giving us time to create the device needed to synchronize the junction”

The defenition of a junction is “a point in which 2 or more things cross paths.” Which may lead to the visitor (as said) wanting to synchronise all the different seasons back to 1 single point

The reason for this (the singularity mentioned in the tape) to be dangerous is that (due of the nexus/zero point) all locations are starting to transform into how they were in the past. This would’nt be that bad, until the point to where the nexus itself will return to how it previously used to be like (Season 1-5 Loot Lake). However, this will mean that the nexus itself would be wiped out of existence, but without the nexus existing, the transformimg would never have happened, and therfore starting the timeline all over again, in season 1, creating an infinite loop (which the visitor talked about previously) and repeating the storyline all over again and therefore creating an infinite space-time paradox.

It is obvious that (like the visitor stated) that the formation of the island is very strange, and changes every new season into different forms, bringing new features, POI’s and other changes. (the visitor refers to this as “the expansion(s)”)

“I… Us… You… arrived outside the loop at the exact moment of expansion”

What the visitor is trying to say here, is that he arrived outside the “loop” (the Fortnite island) at the exact moment of expansion, which was the transition from season 3 to season 4 (“at the exact moment of an expansion” because, we know, he is not from this world. )

“What i didnt factor, was that the only way to trigger the device was from within the loop itself.”

this also explains that he is partly here to launch the “device” (probably the rocket) becaus he cant launch it from his own world because of the loop the fortnite world is in, the time us not correctly synchronized to the time the visitor’s world is in.

“This effectively paused the singularity, giving us the time we needed to synchronise the junction”

A singularity is a point upon something reaches a “zero-point” of which where density and gravity become infinite and space-time curves infinitely, and where the laws of physics as we know them cease to operate.

The arrival of the visitor, paused the singularity exisiting at the time for ~1 season (season 4) and gave him the time to build the rocket, (referred to as “the devices” to try to destroy Tilted Towers to later on prevent Tilted Towers from latering becoming Neo Tilted As we know, Neo Tilted took alot of energy from the vault, previously containing the nexus As to keep this as simple as possible, the closest (and still understandable) object that the nexus can be compared to is some sort of a black hole, with interdimensional and space-time connections. Black holes (most likely) have two types of energy, – Gravitational energy – Rotational energy

According to Newton’s law, “an object will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force”


Therefore, the nexus will remain stable unless there is some sort of change in motion and/or energy

Neo Tilted (most likely) would have tapped the gravitational energy (this might indeed be strange, but it is the most likely option in this scenario) causing the nexus to leave more rotational energy than gravitational energy. This will cause the nexus to be out of balance, and the distortions might cause (depending on severity) certain locations to dissapear and maybe even implode, and therefore destroying the entire island, leaving nothing behind and destroying the entire loop itseld (This also explaines the low-gravity zone in the close proximity)

Therefore, the Visitor tried to destroy Tilted Towers, to prevent the entire scenario stated previously from happening.

However, destroying Tilted Towers (which would later transform into Neo Tilted) would stop the vault from being dug out exposed in the first place, therefore also never revealing the nexus and causing the later events to happen. This caused a gigantic space-time paradox on the spot, and therefore causing strange interdimensional and time collisions (which the visitor also talked about in the tapes) Of which he thought would resolve the issure rather than push it to new levels.

This explains why the rocket project was a failure back in season 4. This explains the line “Now that i witnessed it first hand, it is obvious that pinching alone made it inevitable”

“And why now you— I, find myself looped”

The “You— I,” part is very interesting, and states that most likely, the Visitor and the Scientist are the same person, and sending a message to himself later on in case he gets looped together with the island itself, and therefore taking the rocket event, and his knowledge gained, into the loop itself, therefore losing the information.

“Activate the beacon at precisely the moment this timer reaches nothing”

This states that the “beacon” must be actiavted at the moment the timer reaches “nothing”, most likely 00:00:00:00.

“The zero point must be contained once more”

The visitor most likely wants the zero point to be contained óne more expansion, most likely so that he can execute his plan that he has planned for the last 6 seasons.

What to me seems like the most viable option, is that the Visitor, (defenately being a physics expect) will destroy the map, with the rocket, at the exact point the nexus will reset the island to season one. This will cause the nexus to have no refence point and due to distortions in the space-time continuum, create an entire new island based with the knowledge it has from its previous loops.

TL;DR: the island resets every 10 seasons due to the nexus and its shifts in time, and the visitor (being from a different world) tried to destroy Neo Tilted to stop the nexus from being used as a power source. This caused a space-time continuum on the spot, and explains the “worlds collide” and the rifts in season 5. The “beacon” (most likely the rocket) needs to be activated at the exact time the timer reaches “nothing” (00:00:00:00) so that the island is destroyed and the nexus (with no refence) will create an entire new island.

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