The final effort post (As I ran out of ideas)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - The final effort post (As I ran out of ideas)

Since few updates ago, bla bla bla….you got that part last time. I'll get to the point directly:

Anti-getting-boxed-in + Giving items "rework".

Suggestion: Remove dropping (with the exception of some team perk items like coconuts, cannonball grenades, peglegs, Subwafers, etc/some event missions like Dungeons, Frostnite, Hit The Road, etc). Then turn these vending machines from ventures as an unmmaned quartermaster to store your items in it for others. There should be four or five of them scattered in the map with unlimited uses per player in a match and one of them should be near the objective. And once the player puts something he cannot get it back and only the person who got the stashed items can get it. To prevent any accidental placings, make a confirmation button for it. You can store your items for a specific user or multiple users. For example :

  • Player A has stashed stuff for player B. Player C and player D cannot pick them up

  • Player A has stashed stuff for player B and player C, Player D cannot pick them up.

Ray will tell you this: "Looks like someone has stored you something. Check it out!" and it will highlight the stash on the map with blue flashing icon.

This will end the scammers and those websites that broke the terms of service for selling items that are epic's property.

Power level requirements

Enforce power level requirements to storm shields and storm king missions (Canny valley's and Mythic Storm King) in private matches

You can at least be able to be taxied to those vbucks (Founders only)/X-Ray Tickets missions in higher PL missions. But no MSK quests for lower than PL 122, no SSD rushing

Introducing anti-afk side-objective missions:

If you didn't move or you didn't come into the objective in 5-10 minutes, there will be an anti-afk side-objective activated

The anti-afk side-objective missions are like this:

  • Eliminate 50 husks attacking the objective (50 in Stonewood / 100 in Plankerton / 150 in Canny Valley / 175 in Twine Peaks)

  • Eliminate 10 blasters attacking the objective (Plankerton and higher)

  • Eliminate 5 smashers attacking the objective (Canny Valley and higher)

  • Eliminate 3 flingers (Canny Valley and higher)

  • Eliminate the mini boss (during mini boss missions only, and only available at PL 100+ zones)

Now there will be harder side quests the longer you went afk:

  • Eliminate 50 husks attacking the objective using assault rifles (if the player has one in the inventory)

  • 25 headshot eliminations using sniper rifle (if the player has one in the inventory)

  • Destroy two lone encampments (Canny Valley and higher)

  • Destroy an anomaly (Plankerton and higher)

  • Do not use abilities and gadgets for 3 minutes (All regions)

  • Eliminate 20 husks using pickaxe (Canny Valley and higher)

  • Yeet a husk outside the map without taking damage in 2 minutes (Twine Peaks only)

So if you didn't complete the objective mission that has been added to you while you are afk. You'll not get the mission and mission alert rewards at all (NOTE: Private matches excluded)

I get people have important stuff in life. But you better off doing these stuff before going into mission or the anti-afk will bully you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will not counter jailbuilds.

Putting a stop to the bad content that is happening right now.

So Epic, especially Epic's higher ups, You are allowing those people who make money off people and letting them breaking your terms of service? Do you know Apple could use this against you if they find out about us?

Here is why they're breaking terms of service:

  • Making money by abusing a bug (MSK prequest should be appearing to PL 122 players only)

  • People making money off people by selling stuff that is for free and that is easy to earn in the game if you progressed. (A Grave Digger that costs 10$? what a bloody joke…)

  • Content Creators that do "scammer gets scammed videos" that breaks Support-A-Creator terms of services.

  • People making money by carrying people to level 50 in ventures when this is even possible for FREE. How desperate people are for money these days?

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