The Fresh [not very] Hell of Build the Radar in Twine Peaks

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In a game I started of Build the Radar 75 in Twine Peaks, No one joined for a while and I got one tower finished and one just started with 16 minutes to spare. But that was fine I needed to gather materials for traps. Players joined and I checked power levels. Clearly two were together, talking in voice and one was level 51 and in a group with a level 65 to be there. But no worries if they didn't bother me. It's only a build the radar I would have done solo if need be.

The moment they found the storm chest they freaked out and stopped doing the mission to tell everyone to come to them. Reasonably I replied in chat: 'Pass' as I already have a lifetime supply of malachite and I needed to get planks and things for traps.


They continued to get more insistent until screaming noobs come here and other insults in their native language which was I think Spanish or Portugese (This was EU region) When I typed out 'Do not require it, do it yourselves.' after more abuse and complaining they start it. Failed it as you probably expected. Then got more abusive in voice and started saying they were going to report me and the other player over and over.

I would like to tell you that this was an isolated incident, that this sort of thing does not happen that often and the experience in Twine Peaks is one of kindness, charitable intent and comradery… but that would be a bear shotgun faced lie.

Everyone but me was the new Ragnarok Outlander.

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