The Frotsnite Guide for Public Matches with Randoms

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - The Frotsnite Guide for Public Matches with Randoms

Not sure if this is classed as humor or a rant, but you've got to laugh or you'd go crazy.

After countless failed attempts at completing the Frostnite weekly challenges on public with randoms (in the PL100 zone no less), I'm pleased to present…

“The Frostnite Guide for Public Matches with Randoms”

  1. Don't bother about doing any building of the base, one of the other people on the team will probably take care of that. (However, feel free to place random walls during the combat waves to stop the husks walking through any trap tunnels and path them to an untrapped area instead).
  2. Don't bother with placing any traps (your un-perked PL58 traps wouldn't be of any use anyway). Someone else (usually the same person doing the building) will take care of all the traps. Anyway, weapons and gadgets will probably get you far enough through, just like in normal missions.
  3. Keep any eye on your mats and resources: you will probably accumulate loads. Assume everyone, even the guy building and trapping, are also flush with resources and don't share anything with them (even if they ask – they are just being greedy).
  4. Don't bother helping to create something called a 'lobber shield' (whatever one of those might be). The building guy will eventually take care of that if he gets a chance.
  5. There's no point repairing or upgrading any walls or floors – they will just get damaged again (usually by the unshielded lobbers). Anyway, the building guy will replace them when they are destroyed.
  6. Make sure to get every single supply drop. If the someone else (especially the build guy) looks like they might reach it first then phase shift as much as possible to beat them there. Don't share the supplies – everyone is probably getting just as many drops as you are and will have all the resources they could possibly need.
  7. Focus solely on farming coal and brightcore in order to build an infinite supply of Nobel Launchers and Santa's Little Helpers. Use these weapons to help clear the propane from the trap tunnels. The build guy will replace everything with new structures and traps once the wave is done (ignore his complaints in chat, he's just jealous of your ability to craft so many awesome weapons so quickly).
  8. Don't worry too much about collecting Blu-Glo. The build guy seems able to dash out between waves to secure just enough to keep the burner alight. Anyway, that Director dude will drop a bit more in if it becomes necessary.
  9. If all the trap tunnels are wrecked by the end of Wave 5, don't panic. Turrets, TEDDY and explosive weapons will suffice for the remaining waves of super-high PL husks.
  10. When the Takers spawn on Wave 6, remain oblivious to this fact and die within the first few seconds of the wave starting. Spectate the building/traps guy as he tries to solo the wave with no materials, minimal Blu-Glo and the one shotgun has was able to scratch just enough resources together to build.
  11. Complain bitterly when he dies just a few seconds before completing the wave and thus missing the Weekly Challenge reward.

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