The Future of STW with Modding

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - The Future of STW with Modding

So, we're all aware that – with these new Creative modding tools – Epic is very keen on turning Fortnite into a platform for creating games as well as being a game in itself. As it stands right now, STW is in maintenance mode – it's not actively being worked on anymore.

Although my theory seems far-fetched at the moment, I think we can all agree this is the sort of direction that Fortnite is going in. Also it's fun to theorise.

Here we go:

Fortnite will no longer be split into 3 modes, and will instead just be "Fortnite". You can access different methods of play through a menu or hub, being ""PvP", "PvE" and "Custom". Mostly self-explanatory there, PvP holds battle royale, team deathmatch, stuff like that, Custom holds adventure and puzzle maps, but PvE is where it gets different.

Basically, somewhat similar to STW. There's missions you can enter with your collected arsenal of weapons and heroes. Survivors are scrapped in favour of a regular old XP system, because they're confusing and annoying. These missions are user-created and Epic curated. Complete them for both Commander XP and a universal Item XP that you can use to level up your weapons and traps.

Users can use the base mission types to create their own custom defense environments or do their own thing and tell a self-contained story. You can create Mission Playlists for a makeshift story questline if you feel like doing that. Epic will hand-pick some Mission Playlists every week that have increased XP rewards.

Stand and Fight is available as several much longer Epic-created Mission Playlists split into acts where the Stonewood, Plankerton, etc stories would be, and existing event questlines are cycled in and out as usual. Non-season-specific questlines like Blockbuster are unlocked as you progress through Stand and Fight. Most of them are optional, as they're all self-contained stories. Though personally, I believe that some parts of Blockbuster should be mandatory as it introduces some key characters that aren't introduced anywhere else.


Weapon perks work as they do now, as well as a modified Hero system. Basically, you just earn Hero perks through gameplay instead of the Heroes themselves and can use a skin as your playable character. A lot simpler.

Cosmetic shop works as usual, there's a tab for it next to "PvP" and "PvE" in the menu. Don't fret, the existing STW Heroes are now skins so you can buy them if you feel like it. A few key character skins are unlockable for free through Stand and Fight at the end of each act (Canny is split into 3 acts because it's 12 bloody pages long).

Maybe the optional event questlines also net you skins, I don't know. Epic likes to give out free skins to the BR people throughout the year, so maybe.

Stonewood gives you The Commander – a customisable skin similar to Maya from BR with different skin colours, clothing styles, whatever. Plankerton gives you Lars, Canny Act 1 gives you Syd, Act 2 gives you Carlos, Act 3 gives you Anthony. The skins that Syd, Carlos and Anthony are based on get additional styles for people who already owned them as BR skins. The skins also come with appropriate backblings, as you'd imagine.


So, there it is. Epic clearly isn't interested in STW specifically anymore, but there's a lot of cool stuff here that they could reuse for their "Fortnite as a platform" project. That was the key idea behind this whole theory.

This is was fun to write. Probably would be more interesting to read through if I made some visual elements, so I'll probably make an updated post with some included.

If you want to add anything you think would be neat, put your ideas in the post comments.

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