The Gas Trap and You: In-depth analysis of perk selection for optimal usage

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Hey, this is my first in-depth post on Reddit and it's about the Gas Trap. This is one of the most powerful traps and when combined with floors spikes can make your life very easy during defense missions.

TL;DR At the bottom for those who feel like it's a little too much text. 🙂


There are many purely mathematical answers to what the best perks are for a Gas Trap, but I find that they all lack the obvious, taking into account how they are used in game. Don't worry though, this analysis is a combination of maths and the in game usage/mechanics.


One major difference between from other traps is that the Gas Trap does not directly deal damage, it instead creates a cloud that applies a DOT(Damage Over Time) effect. The DOT always deals the full 7 ticks of damage regardless of if the monster moves out of the cloud or not. So the damage efficiency should be broken up into two parts 1) The amount of damage the DOT deals and 2) The rate/chance that the cloud will apply the DOT or not.

1 – Damage over time effect The damage of the DOT is fairly simple to calculate, there are 7 damage ticks (with the duration perk) which is multiplied with the average damage that is based on critical chance/damage and damage perks. Note that the Reload has no effect what so ever on the DOT damage.

2 – Applying the DOT The application of the DOT effect is a little trickier since there are more variables, some of which are RNG and some that are decided by the player. The Gas cloud has a fixed duration of 4 seconds and a reload speed of 8 seconds. By increasing the reload speed you increase the possible uptime of the Gas cloud. This can be either the Reload Perk and/or a Hero Perk such as the Heavy BASE.


Another factor to the applying of the Gas is the fact that an enemy has to travel across the tile being covered by the trap, if during this time the trap is reloading and the enemy has not left the trap once the next cloud is fired, he will get the DOT applied. The important numbers here would be the time it takes for a husk to cross one tile and the time it takes to cross one tile while affected by floor spikes. An extra way of increasing the chance to apply the DOT is to use a Wall Launcher in order to hit husks back into the Gas trap, this is not taken into account mathematically however since I have no clue how, but it's worth noting.

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Important Numbers

  • Reload Speed: 8
  • Gas Duration: 4
  • Tile Travel time(regular husk): 1.7
  • Tile Travel time(slowing spikes): 2.8

Travel time based on straight walk across tile.

Link to Sheet Image for reference/numbers: <

Limitations: I have not taken into account the small delay between husk entrance/triggering the trap and the deployment of the gas cloud since it is a bit hard to measure, especially on the more important end of it, when a husk would trigger it while leaving the tile, would it still get hit by the cloud?


Choosing Perks

Are you using Floor Spikes or Heavy BASE?

  • |Damage|Crit Rating|Crit Damage|Crit Damage: Maximum damage, almost max apply rate. Damage may still be overkill. If the husks are attacking in a theoretical continuous stream then ~15% of the husks will not get damaged. My personal pick, less likely that a husk will survive the DOT since the DOT deals 22% more damage compared to the 100% Apply rate alternative. If you also use a Wall Launcher in order to push husks back into the gas trap, it should be very unlikely that a husk does not get affected by the DOT.
  • |Damage|Crit Rating|Crit Damage|Reload: Highest damage while having 100% apply rate. The best reliable pick especially if you don't use complementing wall launcher.
  • |Damage|Damage|Damage|Reload: Only if you don't believe in maths/critical chance. Since the DOT is 7 ticks this trap is the most reliable crit based output due to the number of occurrences. Would not recommend due to losing ~15% damage compared to crit based.


Are you placing the trap by itself?

  • |Damage|Crit Rating|Crit Damage|Reload: Due to the travel time and reload speed the coverage should be 100% and this perk setup does give the highest DOT/damage of the reload based options.
  • |Damage|Crit Rating|Crit Damage|Crit Damage: Maximum damage but with 0.71% coverage/apply rate. Keep in mind though, if used in spawns for example, this apply rate is less important since the spawning mobs will most likely have left the tile affected by the DOT without having any following husks behind them during reload/down time. Since there's time between the spawn waves the trap should be ready again at the next spawn making the theoretical apply rate less important.
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Are you using Floor Spikes AND Heavy BASE?

  • |Damage|Crit Rating|Crit Damage|Crit Damage: Maximum damage, any perk combination will have a 100% apply rate due to travel time and the reload perk.


Other useful information

  • Does reload start after triggering(during gas cloud)? Yes
  • Does the DOT from multiple Gas Traps stack? Yes
  • Should I use 2x Reload perks? No, never, complete waste, single reload and travel time gives you a 100% apply rate.

TL;DR By taking into account husk travel time across tiles with the uptime of the gas cloud that applies Gas Trap DOT, we determine the optimal perk setups:

|Damage|Crit Rating|Crit Damage|Reload (100% apply rate with Floor Spikes/Heave BASE) or

|Damage|Crit Rating|Crit Damage|Crit Damage for maximum DOT damage with supporting Floor Spikes and Wall Launcher to mitigate the risk of not applying the DOT.

Thanks for reading and please point out any potential mistakes! 🙂

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