The Getaway Mode kind of depressing.

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - The Getaway Mode kind of depressing.

First Thantos now Getaway – I mean we haven't seen a new game mode or even side quest variation in nearly a year and BR just got a new mode, and the new mode looks actually fun.

To be perfectly frank STW right now doesn't need to finish Canny valley Storyline right now. What it needs much more is evolving game modes. Once you hit plankerton you have seen every gamemode STW has to offer. At which point it is just enemies with more health and crazier spawn numbers.

There is no "evolving" difficulty which requires specific type of application to solve. Instead the game tries to cheese you with 100 smashers or 500 popane husks spawning ontop of a cliff and hurling propanes down like rain.

It would be nice if higher difficulties instead new challenges were there on existing mission types for example,

In Canny Cat 2 – 4 Generators require direct line of sight with each other in order to "power its beam. Meaning that you have to purposefully expose 1 side of the generator. Requiring you to be more creative with your base designs.

In Canny Valley Lars Van needs gas to inflate his balloon. Which requires you to gather propane tanks from the ground and safely deposit it in the van. At the same time risking the tank blowing up as you carry it around.


Radio Relays in CV are replaced with "Forward Base" which is a giant fort with multiple parts. You need to build and defend the fort at the same time while being attacked. As well as find important parts around the map which are needed in the fort. In single player you should find the parts first then build the fort. While in mutliplayer you can do both at the same time.

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In Canny valley evacuate the shelter is replaced with Evacuate the Fort. ( same fort designs you built in new relay mission maps ) The fort is heavily damaged and you have limited supplies. You have to find supplies by killing husks attacking the fort and keeping the survivors alive until they can be evacuated. Periodically Ray sends you your resources 25% every 5 minutes. So if you had 4000 bricks in your inventory. You start with 0 when you join the map and then you get 1000 after 5 minutes, another 1000 at 10 minutes etc.

Basically these are not "new gamemodes" but just an evolution of existing game modes for higher difficulties to keep the game fresh and challenging.

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