The Husks of Fortnite

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - The Husks of Fortnite

Save the World is full of Husk variants, some big, some small, and some just plain annoying.

  1. Husk – Swarm and destroy! The Husk is your basic zombie, low health, low damage, nothing more… Unless in a crowd!
  2. Husky – Destroy! The Husky is alike a Husk, but bigger, and stronger! This beef cake has mediocre health, and mediocre damage, so keep an eye on your base or it's not a base anymore!
  3. Pitcher – Throw'n bones! The Pitcher is a baseball-themed husk, he has low health, low – medium damage, but he throws bones at you, so watch out!
  4. Beehive – Beeeessss! The Beehive is a husk with a beehive stuck on his head, he has low health, low – medium damage, but he can command his bees to swarm you, so stay out of that swarm!
  5. Lobber – Time to build a roof! The Lobber is a female husk that throws lobber heads at your base, she has low health and mediocre damage and has a smelly variant that makes stink clouds, so make sure to… Shoot. Those. SKULLS!
  6. Sploder – Cooking with gas! This Husky has a propane tank, and a red shirt! This guy has mediocre health and mediocre damage, and will lob his propane tank at your base, so shoot on sight!
  7. Zapper – Second fastest draw in the west! This husk has one arm and one arm gun thing..? Whatever, but it can shoot you with its arm gun thing with mediocre damage, but he has low health, so show him who's the fastest draw in the west!
  8. Huskling – Swarm! This husk is not a baby, but a smaller husk, he has low health, and low damage, but he can kill with ease if not dealt with!
  9. Riot Husky – Stand down! This Husky tore off a survivors fridge door just to have mobile cover! he has mediocre damage and mediocre health, and a shield that can hits on hits on hits… So throw a grenade or get behind him and shoot him!

Mist Monsters are kind of like mini-bosses, but they drop more loot upon death. Yay! Loot!

  1. Smasher – No wall is safe! This mist monster has high health, high damage, and the power to destroy bases with ease if not dealt with, so shoot on sight!
  2. Taker – Dive Bomb! This mist monster has mediocre health and mediocre damage, but extreme damage when he dive bombs, but atleast he drops good loot!
  3. Blaster – Pew pew! This mist monster has mediocre health and high damage when he shoots you with his mouth-lazers! So use your bear arms and put em' to rights! Fun fact: He used to look like a giant purple husk.
  4. Flinger – It's raining husks! This mist monster throws husks at your base! He has mediocre health, and the damage is from what he flings at your base, so make sure to build some roofs and shoot that Flinger!
  5. Shielder – Protect! This lil' guy has very low health and he gives whoever is lucky enough to get shielded, more health! So shoot the Shielder and then the lucky husk!
  6. Super Shielder – Protect more! This lil' dude has very low health like the Shielder, but he gives the lucky husk a purple shield bubble, protecting husks inside the bubble. So get in there and shoot him first if you can dodge a bunch'a hands!
  7. Mimic – Loot Monster! This mist monster can hide like a loot chest and sting like a loot chest with metal teeth! This husk has a chest for a head and high health and mediocre damage, and a bunch of loot upon death. You know what to do!
  8. Troll – This bluglo is mine! This lil' bugger can steal bluglo when you collect it, commencing a game of Whack-a-Troll, where you try to shoot the Troll and not shoot bombs that do low damage and cardboard cutouts of a troll, taking six hits with a weapon before death. On the bright side, you get a bunch of bluglo.

Now that you know how each husk/mist monster works, uhh.. Erm.. I don't know what else to put, so have fun in STW!

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