The issue with limited time missions

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - The issue with limited time missions

Several months ago, we got introduced to the announcement of ventures, which was met with mixed opinions. I never payed attention to the first season that much and stopped after I got Dennis. During this time, Scurvy Shoals was available for players and was not locked to ventures. There was a small interesting thing I noticed and that was you had access to a certain power level. It didnt bother me too much.

Then the issue started. Occasionally, there was a mission in Scurvy, and I saw on the mission alert posts people asking for taxis. Now wanting vbucks is understandable, but the fact you need to be carried to vbucks is almost completely wrong. It's like the game punishes those good bad or too good at the game.

Scurvy Shoals eventually disappeared, leaving a few traces in Twine, but then ventures season 2 came along and started showing some problems. while that mode was grindy already, not many people cared for it. But that all changed when a mythic showed up in Ventures. Immediately, everyone was calling for a taxi by those who wanted the mythic.

This issue caused high controversy and made some people (like me) to start grinding ventures for the possibility another mission might show up in ventures. All seemed well until earlier today, my friend joined. He hasn't played ventures and I was looking at venture missions eating popcorn. Immediately i noticed missions that I could reach were no longer accessible, and mission i could no longer access became available to me.


This causes a huge problem. There is a good chance that someone could over grind on the ventures and when a big thing they want like a mythic shows up, they go only to find out they are over powered. This appears to have been an issue in all the other limited zones. You can only access missions around your power level. This sparks a big problem of the game hindering the full potential.

Twine Peaks has the highest count of missions you can view, with there being around 100 missions. It would be a simple thing to allow the 150 venture missions to be accessible for the higher level players. But how do you keep a max venture player from swarming a low venture player? its already been fixed with power level caps on missions so you are not super over powered.

This would also allow for the higher venture players to collect for venture xp and make grinding a little less tedious. By doing this, these limited missions wouldn't lag the world too much and players can access all the missions. it would also give players incentive to grind more and it would pay off in the end.

That, or make it so vbuck and mythic alerts can't happen in power dependent missions. Either do it like the core zones or disable those kinds of mission alerts.

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