The Kevin Union theory

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - The Kevin Union theory

(This theory primarily focus on BR but it also could also connect STW and BR soooo I figure it could also be in this subreddit)

4kwlhn - The Kevin Union theory

The Kevin Union Theory

4kvtdp - The Kevin Union theory

So, I was watching a video on Shin Godzilla the other day when an idea popped into my head.

This theory I am proposing will be using points from the movie Shin Godzilla to show what I think the Cube’s plan is. So SPOILERS FOR SHIN GODZILLA, FORTNITE STW AND FORTNITE. (Can BR even be spoiled, geez)

We know Kevin the Cube is a weird object that came from the rift left by the rocket in season 4. It flipped its way down to Loot Lake before melting and becoming the Big Bad of season 6. According to loading screens, Calamity lead the Fortnite characters in a crusade against the cube that was spreading darkness and fiends across the island. They succeeded and the cube “died,” giving us a glimpse of the “loop.”

Of course this isn’t the last of Kevin, see a fragment fell before it died, and while this may be the back bling, “lil’ Kevin” it is still a piece never the less, also the area it died in has the Zero Point energy beneath it. It is likely this was a byproduct of the cubes destruction.

In STW the Cube also makes in appearance, and while STW and BR seem to be two complete separate stories and Universes the Cube is still there. First when you kill the storm king it is seen beneath it then in the story, Loks tales OF BEYOND, Lok sees the cube and it makes a physical appearance. The cube in STW seems to have an effect where it can control the minds of people.

In BR the cube can create “Dark” versions of characters who make contact with it. E.g. Dark Bomber.

In STW the Storm can also do this, the storms main ability is to copy things and in the storyline, Imposter, it perfectly copies Dennis.

Now keep the ability to copy in mind.

Now onto the Shin Godzilla part. In the movie, Godzilla is a creature that keeps continuously evolving while fighting with humans. It eventually is defeated because humans formed a union dedicated to finding a way to defeat it.

To put it simply: Godzilla was defeated by a union.


But this isn’t the end. At the end of the movie a secret is revealed. The tail of Godzilla, that evolved to spew the same type of radioactive laser out of the top as Godzilla does its mouth, was still evolving.

From the top of the tail that evolved a laser, humanoid creatures are emerging.

Godzilla was defeated by a union, so Godzilla would become a union…

What if Kevin the Cube is doing the same thing?

The Cube fiends are our first glimpse into this. While they aren’t very strong themselves they do have numbers.

The Ice fiends, powered up by the Ice King’s magic, now gain a ranged ability. The fiends aren’t the union though.

Remember how the Cube can copy people? Dark Bomber and the rest of the shadow characters are all characters who were copied by Kevin.

However, these copies seem to act on their own accord.

Now Enter Shadow Midas. We know the Henchman did SOMETHING to revive Midas, or copy him or something.

The point is they used a sort of ritual, who’s to say this same ritual didn’t use a fragment of Kevin which IS still within the chapter 2 map. How do we know? The fornitmares last year. The fiends cannot exist without Kevin as proven when the disappeared when he “died” but came back when a fragment was used by the Ice King. (The Cube also effects gravity as seen when you jump on it or how it made several land masses levitate and Midas’ golden chair is seen floating, further proving that a piece of the cube was used. Ice King was also able to float while charging his spell in the season 7 event)

But Shadow Midas is different. He has the powers of the cube, but something NEW anybody who dies in a 3000 meter radius of him, gets revived as a shadow.

These shadows operate as a collective with one goal in mind: TURN EVERYONE INTO SHADOWS.

They operate as multiple minds thinking together, they are a union.

Kevin was defeated by the Fortnite heroes, working as a union, so to defeat the Fortnite heroes, Kevin must become a union… They are weak now… but this could only be the beginning…

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