The lag is getting worse with every update…

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First of all i want to say that i play on Xbox One. So i don't know if PS4 and PC players experience the same issues but i've heard most complaints coming from console players.

I also want to say that i love this game with my heart but the issues and most improtantly the lag and the bugs are making this game more and more unplayable.

So where do i start… There is so much i can say that really annoys me about the lag and the bugs that come with the lag.

Here a just a few of the bugs/lags that happned to me recently:

  • You can't shoot your gun: This happens to me a lot. It occurs most of the time when i swap weapons. After swapping to any weapon i can't shoot with it for a certain amount of time. This can happen anytime. When the game just started or when you are in the midst of defending your objective.
  • You can't go into your build menu: Most of the time this happened to me, was after dying and then getting back up or being revived. You can't acces your build menu, nor can you edit anything. The only thing you can do is repair.
  • You can't self revive: This is completely random and what basically happens is, that after dying the menu that lets you choose where you want to revive yourself, doesnt show up. So you only have two options. Wait if a teammate revives you or wait until you auto-respawn and spawn.
  • You can't acces your backpack after being back in HB lobby: The last few days this happned to me non-stop after every game. I want to check my backpack and delete some stuff i don't need but it says that i'm apperently starting a mission when i'm clearly not.
  • Enemies standing still: This is also totally random. The Husks and Mist Monsters just stand still and nothing happens when you shoot them. After the lag is gone they teleport ahead or die if you shot them.
  • The game crashes: Every 5th or 6th game or so the game crashes. I just get thrown back to the Xbox Dashboard and when i'm lucky i'm able to rejoin. But since the crashes often occur when defendind and the game needs about 5min to restart it's really rare to rejoin a game.
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These are the most annoying bugs and lags in my opinion.

I want to say again that i don't hate this game, i love it but sometimes it is just so stressful dealing with these things.

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