The LEECH problem NEEDS to be fixed Epic.

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So i'm starting to notice the leech problem in STW is really starting to become a real problem(not that i really need to tell anyone here that). I've certainly been aware of the problem for a while but I've noticed that over the past month or so that it's been getting really out of hand. Here's a very recent example, me and two other friends were doing a level 64 retrieve the data, all of us being level 60 and above. we're all running around getting the materials we need to start fortifying the base when a random player joins the match and much to our dismay he's a 41. Now at the time me and my friends never cared too much about a persons level, just as long as they're willing to help in some way shape or form. So we're getting the base ready with traps and everything and we notice the balloon drops in 2 minutes or so and this guy is nowhere to be seen. So my friends and i, curious as all hell type into chat and ask him " hey buddy plan on helping us out at all or just looking for a free ride"? Nothing. Not one response. So i write "just a leech right"? Still nothing, so nothing left to do except to just start the match. Now there's only 40 seconds left in the match when this turd decides to finally respond with this……. "No I'm just smart enough to let other people do all the work for me while i get the rewards".


Unbe -fu*king-lievable. Seriously, how this kind of shit is allowed to happen is so crazy. obviously there's worse things that I've heard of from other players but still, this is a problem that really needs some looking into. I have heard of a vote to kick system idea being thrown around but i noticed some people are a little intimidated by such a feature and understandably so, but at the moment it really seems like the simplest thing to do. What really sucks too now is this cynical view towards any random player that i'm starting to have. The first though that runs through my mind now when i see a random is "oh goodie another leech that just wants to be carried". it's such a shitty attitude to have but damn, i just can't help it now. I guess i'll close this shitty rant out with this……everybody please….don't be a shit eating leech, help your teammates, drop some materials for your constructor, ask if you should build some traps, use your damn bullets……this games got enough fu*king problems as it is.

Read:  Thanks to all the High Level Players who do put in time to do stuff.

If you've made it this far…………Hi.

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