The Life of a love ranger jonesy.

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The young newborn jonesy will awake from its nest in the storm base the week after it is born.

It will start building ‘shelters’ with two rooms and a window in the middle. They do not know why they choose this specific look but it comes naturally to them.

After a couple days they will venture out into the world and meet other love ranger jonesys and the odd asassin sarah.

They will come across an ‘atlas’. They do not understand what it is so the build a little shack and hide until it leaves.

The atlas shoots a bright light into the sky and the jonesy cannot resist but to stare at it until it stops.

The jonesy will find ‘husks’ which attempt to kill him. He takes out his ruler sword but it breaks on impact.

The jonesy continues off on his adventure and searches for new weapons. He finds another atlas and decides to closely inspect it.

Upon inspection he finds a ‘constructor’ wielding an assault rifle. He does not know what the ‘constructor’ is so he runs off into a cave.

Inside the cave he finds ancient writings and learns about the ‘noc’, the ‘gravedigger’ and the mystical ‘gold scar’ which can destroy the husks. He vows to destroy all the husks.

The jonesy sets off again in search of these ancient weapons and encounters more jonesys, asassins sarahs, husks and very rarely a ‘constructor’ or an ‘outlander’.

The jonesy encounters a ‘homebase’. It reminds him of his home so he stays there.

After a day a strange figure appears on the horizon approaching the ‘homebase’. It is another jonesy and he is wielding one of the ancient weapons known as the ‘noc’.

The jonesy asks him about it and learns of it’s special elemental power. He offers the remains of his ruler sword for the ‘noc’ but the trade is declined.

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The other jonesy says to him “trade pl 106 noc my base only”. The jonesy does not understand this language but gets the message. He ventures off with the stranger.

After a few days of travelling, the two jonesys approach another ‘homebase’. This homebase is covered with the structures the jonesy made all the way back at his original ‘homebase’.

After some negotiations the jonesy aqquires the other jonesy’s ‘noc’.

The jonesy now sets off in search of the other two ancient weapons.

many months later


The jonesy has aqquired all three of the ancient weapons and has ventured through the lands of ‘stonewood’ and ‘plankerton’ and has found the border between the forest lands of ‘plankerton’ and a vast desert.

The jonesy begins his travels through the desert but notices his weapons are starting to have less and less effect on the husks.

Eventually the ‘noc’ and the ‘gravedigger’ break from overuse. Now the jonesy only has his ‘gold scar’ left to protect him.

The jonesy finds a group of people near one of the ‘atlases’. He approaches them and realises they are ‘constructors’ and ‘soldiers’.

They question how he made it this far and he shows them his ‘gold scar’.

They adopt him into the group and they take down several atlases.

2 months later

After travelling through the desert with his friends the jonesy encounters another homebase. He meets another person and learns he is now in ‘twine’.

The jonesy learns more about this area and seperates from his group in search of a new ‘noc’ and gravedigger.

In his journey he finds more husks and realises his ‘gold scar’ has little to no effect on them.

In the heat of the moment the jonesy runs straight off a very large cliff. After awaking at the bottom he finds himself on an island with around 99 other people.

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There are many different looks of these people. Some are plain, some are astronauts, some are ‘bright’ and some are in suits.

After a while a flying blue bus comes and everyone boards it. The bus flies over a larger island and one by one everyone jumps off.

The jonesy lands in a large forest. He finds some guns and some other people who start attacking him so he runs off.

The jonesy wanders around the island finding farms, cities, fast food restaurants and many different locations.

One day the jonesy ventures into a small hut. Inside are some bandages which he begins to use to heal his wounds.

Suddenly a bunch of spikes come down on him and he is impaled several times. He starts bleeding out.

Whilst slowly dying he realised he accomplished his dream. He had found a husk free zone.

His journey flashes before his eyes.

The jonesy dies and thus is the end of this tale.

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