The massive Egotistical streamer is trying to destroy the game.

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - The massive Egotistical streamer is trying to destroy the game.

So I play STW almost everyday and despite it's flaws I love the game to death. And I watch most of the content creators of STW and actually agree with most of them. But there is one creator that I cannot stand because of his massive ego and selfishness. It's TEAM(you know who). This guy plays the game everyday from 18 to 24 hours and has a massive ( and I mean massive ego). H doesn't have any attractive qualities towards him unlike A1, Double D, toriix or tiktak but he think that everything in the game should please him.

He makes videos on everything including weapon review (sly gumbi is better), hero reviews ( rounded tiktak is better), trap tunnel and SSD ( which is the most outdated and horrible trap tunnel build I've every seen, seriously go watch his twine peaks SSD 1 video I almost broke my computer screen) and everything else. I also think he has some contacts with the devs (not sure).

The reason I'm making this post is because this is absolutely horrible for the game at this moment. His videos are below average and they push a narrative that is only can be seen from his view and basically tell everyone to fuck off. So he made a video on Wargames today ranting that the rewards for the wargames are too much and all the player base is playing Wargames alone and no one is playing basic mission which is completely false, if anything no one is playing Wargames because of the trap durability bug. He then asks the devs to reduce the rewards because he says the players are not playing missions like they supposed to.


Not everyone of can play 18 hours+ a day beacuse we have our own lives and I don't want see the game fail beacuse they pampered towards someone who is not in touch with the majority of the playerbase

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First of all who the fuck is he to decide what the players want to play and secondly the lower level player can only get tickets from Wargames for the military llamas. This game need new players and giving them absolutely nothing in return is not a great plan. And if the new players did stay they don't have the good weapons and they have to trade for it ( we all remember scammer get scammed don't we).

So what TEAM(the one who must not be named) doing is telling the devs to actively drive this game out of a cliff. so I implore the devs like u/magyst to not do everything he says and do what the playerbase wants. (We also want more evolution mats). This game is amazing and I don't want to see it waste away.

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