The Math behind Rat King

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Hey guys, Whitesushi here with a breakdown of the new weapon, Rat King. This analysis is based off several hours of hands on experience with the weapon as well as checking with other players for consistency. So as always, we stick with our usual format when covering this kind of weapons being

  1. Base stats comparison
  2. Available perks to roll for
  3. Best perk combinations

Also, the game describes this weapon that its a "Slug" rifle so you automatically assumes that it's like the Hammercrush. However, the way it fires and the fact that it runs off a 5-pellet firing pattern means it's actually a lot closer to shotguns or our Super Shredder than slug rifles.

Base Stats

We go with a table format for this and this time round, I would like to compare the weapon against Bundlebuss and Super Shredder. I will explain further down why this specific comparison is made

StatsRat KingSuper ShredderBundlebuss
Damage122 (5 x 24.4)180 (8 x 22.5)304 (8 x 38)
Crit Chance10%15%15%
Crit Damage50%50%75%
Fire Rate211.13
Mag Size1084
PB Range2 tiles3 tiles3 tiles
  • PB Range refers to the range at which the weapon is capable of dealing full damage before damage fall off kicks in

  • Do note that Bundlebuss really has 32 magazine size at base but the weapon takes 8 ammo per shot so relatively to other 2 weapons, the number is actually 4. I'm just trying to represent it relatively

Just at a glance, we can tell that when compared against the Super Shredder, the Rat King possesses less damage per shot (damage and crit chance) while having more damage per second (reload, fire rate and magazine size). The Rat King also loses out slightly on effective range.

Against the Bundlebuss, the Rat King has less damage per shot (damage, crit chance, crit damage, headshot) but seems to have more damage per second (fire rate, magazine size, reload). However, when you look at the real numbers on my DPS calculator assuming good perk loadouts, the Rat King falls behind by about 21.06% even in DPS.

But there's something these stats don't show, accuracy

After some tests done in game, I found that the weapon has really good accuracy. When I say really good, I'm talking about a spray pattern that looks something like this (each red dot represents a pellet so you have 5 for the Rat King and 8 for the Super Shredder).

Some people find it closer to a cross but personally I've found it more of a horizontal line when shooting at husks in mid range

Basically, the weapon is insanely accurate for a pellet weapon and is definitely on the level of Super Shredder when it comes to how tight the bullets are. However, ultimately all 3 weapons are tight enough that there aren't much of a distinction. That being said, the weapon has a shorter zoom than the Super Shredder and I have found that to affect my aim quite a lot over long distances. If we were to place these 3 weapons on a range spectrum, I would say it would look something like

Short – MidLong Range
Bundlebuss & Rat KingSuper Shredder

To consolidate all we have covered

  • Rat King & Super Shredder is similar to power… Bundlebuss is just way ahead
  • Rat King's range falls somewhere close to Bundlebuss but behind Super Shredder
  • Rat King is a more DPS choice while Super Shredder fields damage/ shot. Again, Bundlebuss is way ahead

Available Perks

Moving onto the available perks table, here's what it looks like. Once again, do note that the first column is the perks the weapon came rolled with. Do note that I am switching the format of the table from my last analysis post on the Wraith because it is more intuitive to have the slots flow downwards just like with how the system works in game

Slot 6Damage dealt snares

Good things we notice include

  1. Ability to roll any element
  2. Conditional snare with snared damage is pretty nice

Bad things we notice include

  1. Inability to roll 3 damage perks and 1 utility (has the normal 2/1 setup)
  2. There's a mix of crit and damage perks that goes against our golden either CRIT/CRITD or DMG/HS setup meaning most players would need to reperk if you want to maximize the weapon's potential

In the next section, we will use my calculator to find out the ideal perks based on what we have here


The "best" perk combination

To find the best perks for the weapon, we use the perk combinations calculator located in my spreadsheet. I am currently working on a system to have it automatically populate the perk tables (the structure is complete, just a lot of data entry left to do on my part) which will make future uses a lot more convenient. Either way, as always, do note that when I talk about "best", we are looking from a strictly damage perspective rather than a playstyle one. As such, some perks like durability and stability are completely ignored since they don't contribute to damage in any way. To begin, some assumptions we have to make are

  1. The player is running some form of element on the weapon so 20% damage instead of 44% and thus lesser opportunity cost of having more %damage perk lines

  2. 100% body shot accuracy

Last time round I made a really long post and I think it was pretty messy and hard to follow so I will stick with a table format for this post (let me know which you prefer)

With general heroes that don't buff damage in any shape or form

Headshot Accuracy100%39% (Breakpoint)50%
DPSRate/Magazine OR Reload/Element/Headshot/Dmg to Afflicted with UAH supportCritD/Magazine OR Reload/Element/CritR/Dmg to Afflicted with MGR supportRate/Magazine OR Reload/Element/Headshot/Dmg to Afflicted with MGR support
AlternativesThe same setup with MGR support is -3.61% DPS. Replacing fire rate with damage in first slot results in -7.85% DPSSwapping MGR support with Sergeant results in a -0.11% DPSSwapping MGR support with UAH support results in a -1.65% DPS

As you can see, break point for going a crit setup is lower than our 50% "average" so I highly recommend not going for crit build at all if you want the max DPS. If you don't like having fire rate and wants to run something like DMG/DMG, refer to the table below. Also, headshot accuracy is mostly affecting your choice of support between UAH/MGR so if you feel you are more accurate, pick UAH and likewise if not, pick MGR. Next, we move onto our DMG/Shot table

Headshot Accuracy100%58% (Breakpoint)
DMG/ShotDamage/Magazine OR Reload/Element/Headshot/Dmg to Afflicted with UAH supportCritD/Magazine OR Reload/Element/CritR/Dmg to Afflicted with MGR support
AlternativesSwapping UAH for MGR in support is a -5.49% DMG/Shot loss while going for DMG/DMG rather than DMG/HS is a -11.71% DMG/Shot lossSwapping MGR for Sergeant in support is a -0.71% DMG/Shot loss while DMG/DMG setup is a -1.86% DMG/Shot loss

So we don't need a 50% section here because our breakpoint is higher than 50% (Basically if you are going at 50%, you are still pretty much doing the crit build shown at 58%). Either way, if you look at the tables you notice that below the headshot accuracy breakpoint

  • DMG/DMG is only about -1.86% behind the CRIT/CRITD setup

If you just think about, if the damage consistent setup is like only 1.86% behind CRIT/CRITD, then it actually makes a lot more sense to just go DMG/DMG. So to sum up…

  1. Maximum DPS setup is going to be Fire Rate, Magazine or Reload, Element, Headshot, Dmg to Afflicted with UAH/MGR support. Gauge your own headshot accuracy and determine which support fits you better

  2. If you really can't land headshots (<58%) and is looking for a DMG/Shot setup, go DMG/DMG. It's really not worth going crit build with this weapon when the base values are so low

It might seem weird that I would recommend headshot setup on a pellet based weapon but if you recall my points from the section above, this gun has insane accuracy so it's super viable. On a side note,

I'm not going to do UAH specific loadout recommendations in the future because I feel that it just adds more data to the post which might make it more confusing for casual readers. If there's any demand for that, let me know in the comments and I will include that in future and maybe test out some other formatting options to make it easier on the eyes.


Something I have not mentioned throughout this post was how the weapon applies 5 stacks of deb-shots in a single fire… or rather each individual pellet is capable of applying debilitating shots on its own. This is nothing new and exhibited by several other weapons like the Super Shredder so the weapon doesn't get bonus points for having it. It's just nice to know especially if you are playing a Soldier that has lingering pain which lets it taps onto that nicely.

That being said, personally, this weapon doesn't really have a place. It doesn't bring any niche to the table and loses hard to our "king of weapons", the Wraith in almost every aspect. Yes, I know there's people who would say

"Hey, the weapon is a lot of fun and I can clear any content with it"

Which is obviously true but "fun" is subjective and with the current state of game, pretty much any weapon fulfills the later part of this statement. In other words, if we go by that statement, we might as well not make any comparisons at all so letting that go, my final evaluation of this weapon shall be "use it for the sake of using it, not for the sake of putting out the most damage".

Once again, thanks for sitting through my lengthy post. Since the Grave Digger is in the store right now, you guys may want to check out my other analysis on what perks are best for that. Last but not least, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or any feedbacks.

TL;DR Above 58% headshot accuracy, run damage/headshot setup. Run fire rate/headshot if you are sweaty and want to really maximize numbers (not personally recommended). Below 58% headshot, run DMG/DMG. Crit setups are pretty terrible on this weapon

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