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Hey guys, Whitesushi here with a math post, since we haven't done one of those in a while, covering the new weapon Wraith. So one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to do a post on this is because this weapon is like a better Silenced Specter and you guys know how much I love the Specter. In this post, I will be covering

  1. Base stats comparison
  2. Available perks to roll for
  3. Best perk combinations

If you are looking to farm this weapon as soon as possible or just looking for some quick methods of getting gold, you can gather a dedicated group for high encampments. If you don't have a group and is mostly a solo player, basically what I did was to farm stormshield defenses. Currently, the more efficient way of doing this is to

  1. Select matchmaking on one of the popular regions (EU/NAEast)
  2. Go to Plankerton and select "Play with Others" (Thanks to CanadienSaintNK on the Reddit Discord for letting me know this is better than Stonewood nowadays)
  3. Set your options to "Quick Play" and just pray you get a SSD

There are some things you can look out for when it comes to sniping SSDs like if the lobby is filled with 3 other similar leveled players, it's usually not a SSD. If its a low level player with another high level player, then its usually a SSD since the high level player is probably doing what you are doing and so on

Base Stats

I think a table format is the easiest for this so we'll go with that. I will be comparing it to a few popular weapons like the Silenced Specter, Grave Digger and Siegebreaker but do note that the focus is really on the specter

Stats Wraith Silenced Specter Grave Digger Siegebreaker
Damage 30 19 30 23
Crit Chance 20% 20% 10% 10%
Crit Damage 75% 75% 50% 50%
Headshot Multiplier 1.75 1.75 1.5 1.5
Fire Rate 7.15 14.16 8 12
Mag Size 30 30 40 30
Range 5120 3584 4096 4096
Reload 2.3 2 2.7 2.3
Impact 75 52 77 42

When compared against the Silenced Specter, Wraith has the same CR/CD/HS/MAG values. It also have a much higher DMG/Range/Impact while losing slightly on reload and substantially on fire rate. Interestingly, if we look at the "true DPS" of both weapons, the Wraith inches the Silenced Specter out at 460.7 vs Specter's 460.2 so the massive base damage is basically able to offset the Specter's insane fire rate. This is not mentioning the fact that it is easier landing headshots with this weapon over long ranges and that it has better perks (discussed later)

When compared against the Grave Digger, Wraith has the same DMG and almost the same Impact/Reload values while crushing the Grave Digger when it comes to CR/CD/HS/Range. The only aspect going for the Grave Digger is its slightly higher fire rate and magazine size

Overall, this weapon has some of the highest base stats across the board. There are several other weapons like the Tiger with a tdps of 513.6 but do note that is assuming 100% headshots and Tiger has a 2x multiplier so as your headshot accuracy decreases, the Wraith comes a lot closer

Available Perks

Again, we're going to use a table for this. Do note the 1st row is the perks the weapon came rolled with

Perk Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 (Element) Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6
1 42% Fire Rate 75% Mag Size 44% Physical 40% Headshot DMG 36% DMG to Mist/Bosses 30% DMG after 5 headshots in a row
2 30% Crit Rating 42% Durability 20% Energy 30% Crit Rating 135% Crit DMG
3 135% Crit DMG 75% Reload 20% Fire 135% Crit DMG 30% DMG
4 30% Damage 60% Stability 20% Water 30% DMG 40% Headshot DMG
5 75% Reload 20% Nature 75% Mag Size

At a glance, there are already several things going for this weapon

  1. Flexibility to roll any element you want on it
  2. Potential to roll 3 damage perks and 1 utility perk (vs normal setup of 2/1 with conditional that is not as good for crit setups)
  3. Potential of full crit damage with CR/CD/CD
  4. The best fixed perk being 30% DMG after 5 heads (explained here)

In the next section, we dive in and let my calculator to the work

The "best" perk combination

To find the best possible perks for this weapon, we will be making use of my perk combinations calculator located in my spreadsheet. (Oh did I forget to mention that I updated it in already?) Do note that when I talk about the "best", we're looking from a strictly damage perspective rather than a playstyle one. As such, some perks like durability and stability are completely ignored because those don't contribute to damage in any ways. That said, I will try to give you guys as many scenarios as possible to let you better decide which combination to roll with. Some assumptions we make

  • The player is running some form of element on this weapon so 20% DMG instead of 44% and thus lesser opportunity cost of having more %DMG lines

  • The 36% DMG to Boss/Mist isn't factored in since 30% raw damage would be better than that for a lot more scenarios and thus better

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With general heroes that don't buff damage in any shape or form

At 100% headshot accuracy (pretty impossible by the way but it's here for reference)
Table for DPS

  1. RATE/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with MGR in support at 1210.5 DPS
  2. RATE/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with UAH in support at 1193 DPS (-1.45%)
  3. RATE/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/DMG with UAH in support at 1165.9 DPS (-3.68%)
  4. RATE/MAG/ELEMENT/HS/HS with Cobalt Commando in support at 1123.4 DPS (-7.2%)
    • Cobalt Commando gives reload speed by the way
  5. RATE/RLD/ELEMENT/MAG/HS with UAH in support at 1119.3 DPS (-7.54%)

Table for DMG/Shot

  1. DMG/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with UAH in support at 203.7 DMG/Shot
    • 1 DMG, 3 HS
  2. DMG/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with MGR in support at 202 DMG/Shot (-0.86%)
    • 2 DMG, 2 HS
  3. DMG/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/DMG/HS with UAH in support at 193.6 DMG/Shot (-4.98%)
  4. CRITD/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with MGR in support at 186.4 DMG/Shot (-8.52%)
    • Even without any crit rating perks, the base crit chance is so high that the %Crit Damage benefits more than dealing with the opportunity cost of stacking %DMG
  5. DMG/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with Sergeant in support at 186 DMG/Shot (-8.71%)
    • Same explanation as above

As you can see, headshot damage pretty much dominates here but that's pretty normal considering that we are indeed assuming 100% headshot accuracy which is pretty impossible. Now moving on, we want to look at

At 73% headshot accuracy (This is when the crit setup beats the headshot setup)

Table for DPS

  1. Everything is pretty much similar to above. This is largely because Fire Rate is still a key factor in the equation when it comes to DPS and having fire rate means that you won't be able to stack as much crit and thus headshot/dmg will beat crit out

Table for DMG/Shot

  1. CRITD/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/CRIT/CRITD with MGR in support at 167.2 DMG/Shot
    • 1 CR, 2CD, 1 DMG
  2. DMG/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with MGR in support at 166.4 DMG/Shot (-0.47%)
    • Second strongest setup assuming 100% headshot accuracy
  3. DMG/MAG (or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with UAH in support at 165.5 DMG/Shot (-1.04%)
    • Strongest setup assuming 100% headshot accuracy

Basically, the idea here is that if you can't consistently land over 73% headshots, then just opt for the full crit setup with CR/CD/CD in perks and MGR in support

So what does it look like with UAH?

At 100% headshot accuracy (pretty impossible)
Table for DPS
Table for DMG/Shot

  • The same rank applies as without UAH with RATE/MAG/ELEMENT/HS/HS and MGR support being the strongest DPS setup. However, it is worth noting that if you are running UAH, then you want magazine size on your weapon. This is because UAH has innate reload speed perks which introduces "opportunity cost" to stacking more reload speed as opposed to mag size

  • The same as above can be said for DMG/Shot and you can pretty much just follow the ranks as though you are not using UAH specifically

One might think that fire rate is weaker here due to opportunity cost of stacking it on top of UAH's innate 50% fire rate perk. However, fire rate is still king despite that since at 100% headshot accuracy, headshot perks are insanely strong and remains competitive against running crit builds even with opportunity costs

At 74% headshot accuracy (Crit beats headshot here, slightly higher than before because now there's more opportunity cost from stacking %DMG thanks to UAH's innate 10% DMG perk)

Table for DPS

  1. RATE/MAG/ELEMENT/HS/HS with MGR in support at 2059.2 DPS
  2. CRITD/MAG/ELEMENT/CRIT/CRITD with MGR in support at 2024.6 DPS (-1.68%)
    • Crit setup starts to shine because now that HS perks are weaker, spending all 3 perks on crit is alternatively better and thus capable of beating out fire rate
  3. RATE/MAG/ELEMENT/HS/HS with UAH in support at 2019 DPS (-2.27%)

Table for DMG/Shot

  • Pretty much the same as without UAH

Some Fire Rate talk

So I always talk about how I don't like the Fire Rate and would much prefer just getting raw damage even though fire rate gives the highest DPS most of the time. Some of you have even pointed out and asked me why I continue to advocate Urban Assault Headhunter as one of the strongest subclasses in the game when she relies heavily on fire rate, something I'm not supposed to be a fan of. Well, a few reasons actually

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Firstly, fire rate doesn't increase your damage, but rather does a really good job compensating for it by letting you use more ammunition. While crafting ammo isn't exactly expensive in the game and I'm pretty much sitting on thousands of Nuts n' Bolts like many others, it is the fact that I am not really getting that much more DPS at the expense of using more ammunition that bothers me. In simpler terms, I don't think it is worth it to spend more ammo for little gains in DPS

Secondly, the benefits of playing UAH and consuming more ammo greatly outweighs that of playing another hero and conserving that amount of ammo. When we look at %fire rate as a perk, it isn't really that much better than running %damage or %headshot for that matter. However if we were to compare UAH to say Special Forces (who use a lot less ammunition), we are looking at

  • 50% fire rate vs 24% damage (as opposed on perks 42% vs 30%)
  • 45% debilitating shots vs 15% (this is huge)
  • Great area of effect abilities vs hardly at all

In short, Urban Assault is just so good that she is worth running even at the expense of using more ammo. I mean the superb debilitating shots in itself might mean you end up using less ammunition since you now take less bullets to kill a target, in turn saving ammo

Lastly, if you haven't noticed already, the Wraith is basically a Silenced Specter with more damage than fire rate which is perfect for me and one of the biggest reasons why I just had to farm this weapon out


The magic number at which critical setup overtakes damage with headshot is at 73% for general purpose heroes and 74% for Urban Assault Headhunter. In other words, if you can't land over 73% headshots, then you are better off with a critical setup. In fact, I would strongly advise you to go crit anyway because >73% is hard to pull off consistently either way. As such, the "best" perks would then be

  • Crit Damage / Magazine Size (or RLD) / Element / Crit Rating / Crit Damage with MGR support
    • Basically CR/CD/CD/DMG

This also happens to be the build I would opt for so… STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

However if you still want to go for headshots, you can look to building either


depending on if you are just looking for raw damage or trying to conserve some ammo (later option). It is worth noting that while UAH support on top of 2 HS perks does seem to beat out MGR at times, that is hardly the case unless you are literally landing 100% headshots and again, that's really inconsistent

All in all, this is probably the best, if not one of the best weapon in the game right now simply because it has better damage output compared to the Specter while having longer range/ higher impact. As such, do definitely pick it up from the store or you might regret it in the future

TL;DR At under 73% headshots, crit setup of CRITD/MAG(or RLD)/ELEMENT/CRIT/CRITD with MGR support beats out the headshot setup of DMG/MAG(or RLD)/ELEMENT/HS/HS with MGR support but I would recommend players to go crit anyway

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