The most Challenging part of Frostnite (+Weekly challenge) is finding a good team in public.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - The most Challenging part of Frostnite (+Weekly challenge) is finding a good team in public.

Imagine this, you’ve attempted the weekly challenge enough times to the point where you’ve memorized all the spawn points of the husks and thus know where to build tunnels. You understand that there are supply drops with bl-


Wtf nobody has Bluglo?

I had one mission where some Jingle Jess player had 10 Bluglo and we lost because the burner ran out of heat.

I’ve had teams where the players themselves are strategic; but, they are easily overpowered by the scaling of the husks’ power levels to the point where they die before we can even reach the 15 minute mark.

I’ve had teammates go AFK the whole game because Epic won’t do a thing about them.

I’ve witnessed Constructors that don’t use their BASE or understand how it works. (I.e. Machinist putting BASE near the burner instead of on a trap tunnel.)

I’ve seen players go out and farm the map and never come back.

I’ve seen players use Jack-O Launchers of all explosive weapons and blowing up propane tanks.

I’ve queued up with some of the same underleveled players that I failed the previous mission with.

I’m Pl 103 and I’m on the Pl 88 Frostnite but I can’t carry a team on my back. Especially when they die so easily because they’ve rushed their SSDs.

If there’s one thing the Frostnite weekly challenge did and Frostnite has done as a whole, it’s exposed the ineptitude of many players and has revealed just how poorly many players perform when it comes to strategy and quick thinking.

If I’m ever going to complete this challenge, I’m gonna have to reverse taxi to a lower level because it’s just not possible for me to find a strong, synergized team that’s the appropriate level.

Oh, also Epic, you still haven’t said anything about AFK players and leechers even after that guy exposed your fugazi report/punishment system on this subreddit. If you don’t have a problem with AFK players with leechers, then hopefully it won’t be a problem when I permanently afk from this game in general. It’s getting to be an issue to the point where I immediately back out if I see a player dying constantly and not moving or spinning in circles.

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There are plenty of other games out there and I choose to play this one, you choose to ignore the grievances from many of your loyal players. Though I am hoping you’ll come up with a solution soon, I’m sure it’ll be very later on like with how long it took to deal with low levels being taxied to Canny and Twine.

Tl;dr Public lobbies for Frostnite are hell and AFK players and leechers are about to make me go afk from this game permanently. (Quit playing). The time it took to have a solution for low levels being taxied into Canny/Twine is probably the time it will take to deal with AFKers/Leechers.

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