The most efficient trap tunnel I’ve been using in upper twine

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - The most efficient trap tunnel I've been using in upper twine

Hello just wanted to share the trap design I’ve been using 😀

It costs:

100 building mats for all the walls (usually the 1×2 box is walled off but I took off two walls so you could see the inside of the box)

2V1TeBh - The most efficient trap tunnel I've been using in upper twine

1x Gas Trap (7x herbs, 11x nabs, 2x mineral powder, 1x bacon) optional but highly recommended: upgraded duration effect and reload slots all the way to epic (legendary wont increase reload speed or effect duration anymore) to maximize up time as it only has a 1 second downtime

1x Wooden Floor Spike (1x duct tape, 5x planks, 2x twine) I use green floor spikes just for the slow so that’s my personal crafting cost

1x Floor Launcher (8x planks, 7x rough ore, 2x mineral powder)

The way it works: Husks entering the traps have to zig zag through the tunnel thanks to the inverted half walls ensuring all husks and smashers get tagged by the gas trap as long as your effect duration and reload speed is at epic; afterwards the floor launcher resets big things as the gas trap kills off trash – things will go through the end if they don’t die to the full 6 ticks from the gas trap because the launcher will not always be in effect, but with the way this tunnel works, usually only 1-3 husks or smashers will trickle through (although the floor launcher can launch the smasher back too, if it’s been recently used it has to reload itself allowing the smasher to walk through).


So the tunnel is a simple 1×2 box that you need to figure out where you can funnel the husks into and then you simply build the box and only use three traps per box. Normally I place about 1-5 of these per mission depending on the storm spawn and terrain but it has helped me save a lot more mats than using the standard 1×2 box with 2x wall launcher, 1x ceiling, 1x gas trap, 1x wooden floor spike, 1x freeze/retractable floor spike, 2x wall darts/wall dynamos – this box is what I use if I wanna ensure smashers die from my traps but I rarely use it now since I just sit at spawn with a neon sniper and swap to a DPS weapon if smashers make it through.

Edit: Remember: Openings can be anywhere in the 1×2 box so if they come from north and exit to the west the box is sideways like a standard 1×2 tunnel with wall launchers. The floor launcher stair can be moved around also if you want to launch them somewhere else

Edit2: Even more efficiency: In plankerton/stonewood missions – you don’t even need the floor launcher. I just find where they all converge to and place that 1×1 box with walls so they’re forced to go through to get to spawn. Once you learn how husk pathing works you can easily just place these 1-3 of these boxes down and afk missions… Gas traps are OP



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