The most heartbreaking experience I’ve had in this game.

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TL;DR: I two manned a 4man 82 repair the shelter with a cloaked star and got no rewards.

Every now and again you'll be in a mission and someone will leave. It tends to have a domino effect, so everyone ends up leaving.

In this particular mission, a cloaked star and I had already built the base for the shelter. I hadn't used many mats, but as I watched this particular cloaky boy build his heart out, I figured just for the heck of it I'd go all out with him and see what happened.

I build tunnels here, I build tunnels there, I build tunnels wherever there happens to be the possibility of something spawning. Heck, why not go all out and upgrade all the tunnels to t3.

I craft enough gas traps to power las vegas for a week – I've been grinding herbs so why not use a fair amount for the satisfaction of breezing this 4man that two guys had given up on.

I run out of brick getting things to T3, I inform cloaky in team chat and he comes along and upgrades the rest of the brick. MY HEART WARMS.

The objective starts, the husks stand no chance, they're melted in droves as cloaky and I try to contend with the elemental smashers.


Cloaky stays out of the tunnels when the splode waves come, I shed a tear of joy.

The smashers end up destroying some important things and we spend the last 30 seconds fighting our hearts out, reviving each other when the 40 takers decide to come bully us.

We stand in a hail of lazer eye boys shots as the timer reaches 0 and I realised we had done it. I was ecstatic. It was such a great experience coming together with some guy I'll never know and beating a really tough challenge against the odds. I say GG, leave, get back to the lobby and-

No rewards.

Ah, says I, this cannot be as they.have.patched.this.bug. I shall go into the armory and check my hero xp (of which I have very little since I have been getting my heros up to 106).

165 Hero Xp. Nope, no rewards for the mission.

I cri

I come to reddit,

I cri through words

Bi </3

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