The new Research (And Perk-Up/Re-Perk) System is moving the game away from “Gacha” bit of the game…What does it mean?

1516285594 8572 1024x576 - The new Research (And Perk-Up/Re-Perk) System is moving the game away from "Gacha" bit of the game...What does it mean?

Hello Commanders! This is just a post regarding my personal opinions on the current state of the game.

With the recent introduction of the Research system (Using Flux + Manuals to get almost anything from the collection book) it really negates the "need" of purchasing specific llamas.

As of right now the only llamas that are ideal to purchase are the Super People Llamas with Survivors and Defenders being the only thing we cannot research at the moment.

Most people will argue that the game is hurting themselves by limiting their source of income by creating this system…and at the moment they are.

HOWEVER the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite shows that cosmetic items have value to the customers.

As Epic slowly makes the game easier for players to obtain what they want…there must of course be balance.

The current system that is somewhat balancing gameplay / introduction of Mythic heroes or even "perfect" weapons via the recent Perk-Up/Re-Perk is locked behind Time Gates.

I personally feel that Re-Perk / Perk-Up and maybe even Flux should have an increase / implementation to the weekly event store.

Now…I know what you are thinking…this will make the game WAY too easy to get what we want.

I agree…however… the Perk-Up will be locked behind progression. Meaning… If you are not in Twine Peaks, you will be unable to purchase Legendary Perk-Up….same with Epic Perk-Up in Canny Valley.

Depending on your progression, it will also influence the amount of Flux and Re-Perk that you can obtain.

All new players will gather an abundance of Re-Perk and Uncommon / Rare Perk-Up as they progress in the story…upgrading their weapons at a steady rate.


Players who are in late game currently miss out on casually obtaining Uncommon and Rare Re-Perk and have to go out of their way to farm for it.

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Anywho, back to the main point…I see Llamas for V-Bucks going away in the semi-near future. Instead I could see them "maybe" costing event gold instead OR be awarded similar to that of Mini-Llamas.

Soo…if they go away…where will Epic make their money?

Cosmetic Skin Overrides. Which could consist of Weapon Camo, Pick-axe cosmetic changes, and even Hero skins or Emotes.

They could even take it a step further and introduce a cosmetic item trading system and Key/Crate system….similar to that of Rocket League.

Or maybe keep it locked to the account like Overwatch.

Regardless, Epic is doing the right thing by slowly moving us away from the system that plagues soo many games currently and making it Play-to-Win instead of "Pay-to-Win"

I hope this is their plan of action as it proves time after time "Pay-to-Look-Unique" is an effective method of generating income yet 100% not needed for a Free-to-Play model.

Sorry for the long post, let me know what you think. This game really needs some things locked behind progression to really encourage players to progress. There are A LOT of other things that take priority over this and need to be established prior to something like this rolling out.

But Epic…if you are reading this, you are doing the right thing. Keep it up!

TL;DR Just read it! 😀

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