The news is just… sad

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - The news is just... sad

We just found out that stw is officially going to barely get any updates. Sure, there's gonna be some new features like side questlines, and some new weapons an heroes. I guess pirates are cool. But what about saving the world? Are we just stuck in a harder zone with a volcano at the start of it? We are. "While the main story of Save the World is complete" That right there confirms it. We'll never get to save the world. This game will forever feel incomplete, because we can't even do what it says in it's own name. That storm will always be there, killing random people and covering the world, and we won't be able to do anything about it. We've reached the end. And the thing is, with this game officially confirmed to never have a real end to the storyline, they still aren't going to make it free-to-play. Wasn't that supposed to happen years ago? Any new players have to pay to never get to do the main goal. And for endgame players, the ones in twine, at least for me I dont really care about pirates and their weapons. I have all the guns I need, just my godroll siegebreaker and a few bows and snipers. What happened to the development of the story? This game sits right next to Fortnite Battle Royale, the game that took the world by storm with new content every week. If you see anything next to that, you know it's probably updated with new stuff just as often. But not stw. Epic might as well sell it separately now. But anyway, the thing that bugs me most about this is: the main storyline is confirmed to be over, but it doesn't even have a proper end. We defend our storm shield for the final time in the desert, then blast of to the final zone. The endgame. But all we're greeted with is harder versions of older stuff. Otherwise, nothing new. And the thing is, if you got their by doing your storyline, you're really confused because you we're expecting Ray to go and say something like, "Alright Commander, we've made it to Twine Peaks. The deadliest husks in the world are found here, and we need to get to the end of this place and save the world!" But instead you get nothing. No Lars, no Dennis, no Ray, just nothing. And now we know there will always be nothing… Just earlier today I hated all these endgame players complaining how there's no content, but now with the story being confirmed over, I have to agree with them. But there's no point in complaining now, it over. Maybe Epic will look back on stw someday in the future, and think, "Hey remember that mode? The one where we started the game? What if we finished it, for real this time?" Let's just hope they do…


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