The only difference in how much I hate griefers and leeches in public missions is the degree of loathing.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - The only difference in how much I hate griefers and leeches in public missions is the degree of loathing.

Something unusual happened today.

I sent a random player a friend request.

I met them in a public mission and still sent them a friend request. Hell, we don't seem to share a language in common and I still sent them a friend request because they did everything a good player does automatically and they were one of the few people I played with today who did.

Mind you, I was in a party with two other people. We only needed a random player to show up and not be a jackass.

Instead, we got a constructor who spammed the entire map with useless structures to get the build achievement. Unfortunately, they blew the build limit with those useless structures in the process, did not upgrade or trap anything, tried to spam the difficulty increase pylon despite all of us saying no in party chat, and ultimately failed to participate in the base defense.

We got an outlander who AFKed the entire mission.

Yesterday, I was teamed up with a lowbie who tried to spam the difficulty increase terminal, threw tantrums when everyone in the mission said no, and then sodded off to the far side of the map. In their defense, they didn't try to intentionally fail the mission. They just refused to do anything even remotely helpful.

I am at a point where I will leave a lobby if I see Love Ranger Jonesy. If I am playing down-level for perk-ups or transform schematics, I will leave the moment someone asks me to make them a weapon, swings a pickaxe or shoots a gun at me (common tactics to get attention), asks if I'm in Twine/can taxi/have whatever over-leveled ore they need, asks to trade, etc.

I love the game.

With every passing day, especially over the last week, I hate more of the people who are playing it because they make the game extraordinarily toxic.

It isn't just that one player has done this – it's that these patterns have emerged and hold so strongly that I no longer waste my time trying to figure out if this time will be the exception.

I am exhausted by the griefers and leeches in STW public matches. I am sick of the people who immediately resort to bigoted insults because someone declines to make them something.


And I am especially sick of Epic on-going, persistent, utter failure to resolve this.

I send reports. I often plug in a keyboard to send more detailed reports. I never get any response, not even an acknowledgement that someone received the report.

And frankly, I'm sick of it. I want to know that griefers get banned. I want to know that people using racist language and insulting my friends simply because they're women are getting negative reinforcement in the form of being locked out of the game for a while.

Name and shame these people. Embarrass them. If they don't want public scorn, don't be public as*holes.

Ban them. Block them. Bust them.

Take these reports seriously. Act on them and let us know that we aren't pissing into the wind with them.

Because right now, I, and most of the people I play with, are done with public matches. I can throw three defenders and a bunch of traps down in a private match and do better than I can in a public mission with randos spamming difficulty increases and throwing tantrums.

By failing to act, you are actively killing matchmaking. And hey, maybe that's the goal. Maybe this is an effort to strangle STW in the crib to focus on BR, and if that's true, that's fine. Just tell us and refund our money, shut STW down and we'll go on our respective ways.

But the way public missions are now? It's unsustainable. It's ghastly. It's appalling and a waste of time. Give us tools to deal with AFKers, leeches and griefers. Take action when we report them. And clearly, disabling the difficulty increase pylon for 45 seconds after an unsuccessful vote isn't enough. How about we try 3 minutes instead? Because I'm tired of getting spammed with it by people who refuse to take no for an answer and think repetition will somehow change a team's mind.

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