The other 90% of great players out there, thank you!

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - The other 90% of great players out there, thank you!

Its so easy to focus on the negative shitty players, they are the ones that give the worse experience and make the game not enjoyable, however from my play experience the last months I have often found that its only bout 10% of the players that are actually d*cks, we tend to think that there are a lot of shitty players out there because its easy to speak up on negativity, and thats what I think when looking at this subreddit at times, by reading this subreddit I get the impression that 90% of players are garbage afkers or just shitty people, but that isnt the case, and sometimes we forget that, we focus on the negative experience so much that we keep attracting it. Whether we like it or not we represent save the world and its community and it is our duty to also point out and put the spotlight on the great players that are actually in this game, the people who cooperate, the ones we have fun with, the kind people who always wait for the team for a storm chest, the high level twine players that sometimes come to canny and give u 1k nuts and bolts cuz they just wanna be nice, and most importantly the majority of all of us, the positive ppl who want to see stw succeed as a community. Instead of pointing out the negative shitty players lets try to focus on putting the spotlight on positivity, the great players who make the game the amazing experience that it is (despite some bugs of course .-.) I get it, we tend to put the spotlight on shitty players because we care bout the game, we want it to succeed and we dont want negative experiences, but by doing that we also downgrade the state of the community, no its not cheesy or cringe to make rants on amazing cooperative players. Lastly lets always remember that we can always choose how to react to these pieces of shits, sometimes we forget cuz we are flawed humans but still we always have a choice. Here are some remedies to ur negative players problem. 1. If you see afkers early in the match leave 2. Most of the time the ppl who care bout the game and see the afkers will most likely want to team up with you 3. Make friends with cooperative players, have control over ur play experience instead of leaving it at rngs hands, u cant get afkers if u have a full party 4. Understand ur over reacting and the majority of players arent pieces of shits. Last but not least to all the players with great etiquette and respect, I thank you.

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TL,DR: Its our responsibility as a community to put a spotlight on the positive players if we want the stw community to succeed, theres always gonna be shitty players on all communities but lets ignore the negativity they represent and focus on the majority of the other great players that are out there. Players with great etiquette thank you for being amazing teammates!

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