The ‘Other’ mode player’s perspective on Save The World.

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - The 'Other' mode player's perspective on Save The World.

This post is going to be long, no TL;DR either. I'm going to be going into as many details as possible.

Here's a BR player's perspective on Save the World.


I got Save The World in the December of 2018 when Frostnite was going on. I was and am still a BR player, the difference is that I'm playing Save the World more than BR right now. I was very interested in this game for a long time and when I got it I played for a week straight without touching BR. I completed Stonewood in 1 single week and it was pretty good. Then I reached Plankerton. Plankerton took me a long time. There are many things about Plankerton that I will be talking about below. I'm in Canny Valley right now.

Things I Like about STW:

Here are the things I like about Save The World:

It's a type of game I always wanted to play

Yes, this is true and I'm not exaggerating it. I've always wanted a game like Save The World where you can build and defend the objective while fighting. I like doing SSDs alot.


My experience with this community has been better than BR's. This community can be toxic sometimes, but there are plenty of people that help. I found alot of good players doing Frostnites and on the Discord server.

Leveling Up and other stuff

The leveling system of this game is pretty cool ngl. This game works in a pretty complex way with all the Power Levels and perks etc. So leveling system is good imo.

Things I don't like

Plankerton is really really repetitive

Yep, Plankerton took me really long to complete. I used to play this game for 2-3 hours daily. Sometimes I could not find the enough amount of things in a single mission and required me to launch up another mission. Plankerton is really really repetitive. Stonewood was even less repetitive than Plank. It may be because it was a new experience, but man, plank was too repetitive. I got really tired of it and finished it very slowly.

Missions take too much time to complete

Missions take too much time to complete when they don't even need to. For example, in Save the Survivors mission, you save all of the survivors but you still have to wait for the timer to complete.

The In-Mission UI needs to be updated

The In-Mission UI (which is on the right side of the screen) needs to be updated. Keep in mind, I'm talking about the In-Mission UI. BR received handful of these updates, in which the most recent change was to the challenges UI in BR. Save the World really needs to have the In-Mission UI updated.


The tutorial is not good

The game tutorial is not very good. I found myself really struggling to get what even was going on? The tutorial needs to updated, if it doesn't, it will only discourage the new players.

New Mission types

The old usual missions include: Retrieve the Data, Ride the Lightning, Refuel the Homebase, Repair the Shelter, Evacuate the Shelter, Destroy the Encampments, Fight the Storm etc. These missions really get repetitive, new missions here and there like Beta Storms would be fun.

Lots of, and I mean LOTS OF AFKs and Leechers

There are a lot of afks and Leechers in Plankerton, there was even an afk on the last mission of Plankerton, which I was pumped up to do. The new Afk kick system might be good, but it doesn't always work.

Dialogues don't play sometimes

Yup, this is a problem too. Dialogues are scrambled sometimes and are not according to subtitles or they don't even play.

I just started Canny today, Canny is looking better than Stonewood and Plankerton combined and I'm pumped to continue.

I can't remember any other problems I had, but I'll edit this post as soon as I remember.

People I would like to thank:

• David Dean

This person, man. This person is awesome. He really helped me through the game and I love his trap tunnels and other awesome ideas!

• Torrii

Not alot of you may know him, he is on YouTube too and is an absolute awesome guy.

• King is Bling

He posts stw dialogues of events and campaign. I'm surprised many of those didn't play when I played. This guy works really hard too.

• My friends:

You guys don't probably know them but they were really really really helpful, here's a list of em lol:

  • MultiNigh
  • Rhinohead
  • ThanNinja
  • CutieCaty
  • FreekyStupid
  • Talone1
  • MarioKart7z
  • GalacticSurveyor

Alright guys, that was all I have to say, I really love this game and kinda feel bad that this doesn't get much attention. Thanks for reading all of this and I hope you have a good day/night!

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