The problem with Cloaked star Lore and Hero Design

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Cloaked star, in my opinion, is poorly designed from a lore and gameplay perspective because the two do not match even remotely.

Based on Lore – Cloaked Star horrifically kills enemies and makes Ray worry it is against the Geneva convention.

But the issue is Cloaked Star is probably one of the worst Shruiken Specialists and does not do the "massive" damage the lore describes he does. So essentially the lore is over exaggerated.

I think this deserves to be corrected to match his profile and I am sure no one – literally 0 people – will mind if he gets a total overhaul.


I think Cloaked Star should be based on an "Overkill" trait and revolve around Legendary Blade Piercing Explosive Stars.

Overkill is granted when Cloaked Star kills an enemy with a melee weapon with damage more than 20% of its base health. So if an enemy has 100 hp and he does 120 damage or more to kill the enemy he reaches "overkill" state.


In overkill state – his blade glows and range increases by 5% ( blade it self does not grow ) and every kill upto 5 kills increase range and damage 5%. He loses 1 stack of overkill every 3s without hitting an enemy ( doesn't need to kill just hit an enemy to maintain state )

This is different from assassination as it only requires you to hit an enemy to get a stack of assignation. Overkill requires you to kill an enemy with overkill damage to gain a stack

In order to do this – he no longer has shadow stance instead it is replaced with "Piercing Stars" and Fan of Stars is replaced with Overkill. 7 points with Explosive stars.

Explosive stars apply an explosive tag onto every enemy it pierces. After 2s the tag explodes causing 30% of the equipped sword damage. If no sword is equipped tags are not applied.

This is important to avoid exploding tanks near the base. Which means the player has full control of when to apply exploding tags and when not to.

This would make Cloaked Star an amazing hero that fits his lore perfectly, as well as making the first Viable Mythic Ninja.

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