The Pub games are disheartening

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - The Pub games are disheartening

I genuinely love the game, coming from a hater whdo thought fortnite is for some little kids and is only relevant because of the dances they do but giving save the world a try was like a burst of fresh air just the exact genre i wanted!

Playing it for about little less than 2 months has been a blast meeting a few people who were nice enough to say hey in public chats and bouncing around ideas and builds.

But the most amnoying and disheartening part is the afks and leechers. Like i dont get it! The first i saw them i thought it was funny seeing a guy spinning like crazy!

Then it became annoying to the point where i draw husks towards the guy in the hopes to make myself feel better. But now on a 70+ 4person EVACUATE THE SHELTER mission. I got 2 afks. Didnt help in the build at all didnt bother giving any mats which i dont mind but atleaaaast get the plylons?

I asked nicely got ignored. So i did it myself (as a slow ass powerbase constructor). Continued my build and started the robot seeking part. I found 6 of them 2 from the other non afk guy which was okay atleast i had a hand. But the 2 other people decided to go on top of a mountain build a box and under a bunker built also a box.


“It would be nice if the 2 poopheads came to look for the robots”, you can hear a bit of my frustration.

A minute and a half passed and the fight was manageable, i put enough traps to slow down husks and defenders to ask as decoys and kill some along the way, cliff traps and pathing changement was working perfectly, then the miniboss came.

Tore one side of the shelter when one of the afks decided to help and kill the boss which was nice but really?!! We already did 90% of the work.

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Miniboss died he went back up to his nook.

Mission ended and guess what? The one undertheground who didnt move at all was dancing at the end of the screen?!!!?!?!&;÷€+,*$#&× like what do you? Does it make them feel good knowing they did assworks? Im just mad cuz its like a slap in the face.


2 afks in 4 player mission. Didnt do anything at all, danced at the end screen to burn us more and left 1st when timer ran out..

I hate this

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