The /r/Fortnite Discord is Finally Here! Plus Some Rule Updates and Another Thing.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - The /r/Fortnite Discord is Finally Here! Plus Some Rule Updates and Another Thing.

Hello Fortnite!

You may have seen me mention this discord once or twice, you may not have. It's definitely taken longer than expected to get it started, but it's here now.

sdDAeTn - The /r/Fortnite Discord is Finally Here! Plus Some Rule Updates and Another Thing.

Click Here To Join The Server

As of now we only have one command setup for players, and that's `f!fortnite setpower your_epic_name. It has a global cooldown of 30 seconds.

More commands and emotes and the like are to come later, as the community requests them.

If you need to report anything, or get in contact with a staff member, simply send a DM to the bot named "See-Bot". It's a bot wrote by yours truly, and you know it on the subreddit as
FortniteStatusBot - The /r/Fortnite Discord is Finally Here! Plus Some Rule Updates and Another Thing.


Rule Changes.

The subreddit moderation team has been listening to your feedback and we've been discussing rule changes for a little bit now. Here are some changes that will be implemented today. These are not all the changes to the rules.

General Guidelines

This rule was rather large, and we felt this is the one that caused the most confusion as to why a post got removed.

Here is what the new General Guidelines will look like:

  • Posts, and their content, must be in English.
  • No begging, buying, selling, or trading for anything on our subreddit.
  • No petitions or surveys.
  • No karma farming posts.
  • No cheats, exploits or similar.
  • No illegal content (drug usage, underage, scamming, phishing)
  • No NSFW content. Sexual innuendos and content focused on sexual aspects are not allowed.
  • No Insults, hate speech, personal attacks, condescension, or similar behavior.
  • No political posts of any kind.

The missing bullet points have found new homes in other rules, or have been removed entirely.

Relevancy Guidelines

The wording of the relevancy guidelines has changed:

All posts should feature Fortnite or the associated culture in some way. 50% of all content posted must directly relate to Fortnite: Save the World.

Humor Guidelines

The wording of the humor guidelines has changed:

Memes must include Fortnite assets, and generic internet template meme images that can be found online are not allowed.

Recreated popular internet image or video memes must contain Fortnite content captured by you from within Fortnite. You cannot re-use footage or images posted previously by another user. If a popular meme formula becomes frequently posted, memes made using that formula are subject to removal.

We've also updated the bullet points:

  • All humor posts must abide by relevancy guidelines.

  • If your video contains any type of audio distortion or bass boost, the title must contain an audio warning.

  • No TFW/MFW posts.

The bullet point about "low quality" images is defined in a new section (below).

Discussion Guidelines

One new bullet point:

  • Hero Loadout posts must be more in-depth than a screenshot of the loadout. Please give details about why you made the choices, how your build works, or similar. Hero Loadout posts that are just pictures of the loadout are subject to removal, along with text posts of just the loadout.

Promotion and Giveaway Guidelines:

One bullet has been added.

  • No advertising other communities

Subreddit Policies

One new bullet has been added to the subreddit policies:

  • Posts containing content you do not own (cosplay, art, video, etc.) must credit the original creator, in either the title or comments.

Media Guidelines

This is a new section in the rules.

  • No Match Result, Llama, Collection Book, Chat, Daily Reward, or 'power level achievement' screenshots.

  • Media taken with a phone or third party device is subject to removal unless it is the only way to capture a bug.

*No low resolution, pixelated or "deep fried" media.

We are also editing AutoModerator to be more lenient on mentioning "Other Mode" on this subreddit, so please take note, it may result in an increase of posts unrelated to this mode. If it's found it becomes too much of an issue (or there's enough community feedback against this change), we'll revert it.

New Flair Picker Tool.

While this tool was mainly created for "Other Mode" (Battle Royale), I implemented Save the World in it too. Because it's only fair that way. So what is it? It's a bot you can message to set your flair for you. Why was it made? Because the other subreddit hit the maximum user flair template limit. This subreddit will hit it eventually as long as Epic keeps releasing heroes.

There's two methods to set your flair using the bot. They're outlined below in a copy-paste from my post on the other sub. I didn't feel like typing it all twice.

Method One:

Select a flair from my website and send the generated message to the bot.

Click here to visit the flair selection page. My website is not anything special, and this page isn't very optimized for mobile. I'll be working on it as I get time to make it easier to use on mobile and other devices.

Simply choose BR or STW from the "mode" dropdown, then select your flair by clicking (or tapping) one of the flair images. A new button will appear, clicking it redirects you to reddit with a pre-filled message to send to FortniteStatusBot. Hit send, and wait for the "Success!" message from the bot.

Method Two:

Sending a message directly

You are welcome to skip using the website and message the bot directly. However, it will not listen to just any message. You have to follow a strict format:

Message Subject:


Message Body:



Valid options for subreddits are: FortniteBR, FortniteCreative, FortniteMobile. (You can mix and match, or use one, or all 3. Just don't add the commas.)

Fortnite can be used, but must be standalone, it cannot be updated along side the others. Doing so may result in the incorrect flair being assigned.

As for the flair name, just put in the actual name of the skin. Eg: Bandolette, Malice, Rust Lord, so on.

After it's filled out hit the send button, and once again wait for the "Success!" message from the bot.

P.S: I've never had more than 5 people visit my site, if it dies I'm sorry. I've never produced something for potentially thousands to use.

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