the real 5.3 patch notes

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dear fortnite community, today we're trying to break the game ones again. not by adressing the real issues, but by creating new ones!

– Eventhough the entire game isn't working, we felt like the reclaimer outlander was a tad too strong. We think that it's a good thing to make the outlanders only use one ability at times eventhough they have both shock tower and teddy. This has been a top priorty change for us, we hope you like it.

– We know you love playing "find a horde bash team" so we added another weekly challenge where you can struggle to get into game to fight your way through not 8 but 16 waves of carrying your teammates. But don't you worry! once you're finished you're rewarded with an exclusive flintlock weapon that has been dying in the llamas for over a month now.


-We fixed alot of bugs, but we still don't know if you get rewards, however if you somehow know what rewards you're missing you can go through alot of effort to get us a file from your client so we can nerf other heroes.

hope you can make it through this full week of content. We hope this isn't too much change but since this was a bigger update and not a content update we wanted to go all out.

-ePiC gamEs

*edit: we're so sorry for miscommunicating with you guys. we meant to say that you can onlý place one teddy or shock tower instead of multiple of the same kind. we're still very happy with this change and needed to address this head on. We will continue working on waves of minor changes that don't change a thing in the future.

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