The real reason Epic keeps making these ‘bad’ changes

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - The real reason Epic keeps making these 'bad' changes

Wall of text incoming.

They have no idea what they want from their game. All recent changes show that epic really doesn't know if they aim to cater to the competitive or the casual audience and similar to other games, fail to achieve both.

Firstly, what is considered a competitive player or a casual player.

As far as I'm concerned

Competitive player: Plays the game to win, balance is everything, anything that is unfun to play against they are against, not necessarily pro players.

Casual player: Plays the game for fun, couldn't give two shits whether they win or lose, any fun item regardless of how unfair is okay.

Epic has a very large audience consisting of a very vocal(mostly competitive) audience and the casual audience(the athletes, the billy from work etc,) Both matter to the game and Epic doesn't know who to focus on. Suggestions like having separate game modes for casuals and competitive players have been mostly brushed off by Epic due to splitting of the player base.


Epic constantly adds fun 'casual' weapons while simultaneously attempting to push the competitive scene. Very few games strike the perfect balance between casual and competitive. In my opinion, one of those is Rocket league. Rocket league has a thriving casual audience and an evergrowing competitive scene. Similarly, Rainbow Six Siege, although littered with bugs, has a strong casual and competitive scene. What do these games have in common? Ranked/Casual variants and more importantly(in my opinion) scarce but effective updates. Siege has a content update every 3 months which keeps casual players interested as fewer updates allow them to learn and enjoy a game with a very steep learning curve. Additionally, Competitive players are able to adapt to the meta without constant changes. Competitive Fortnite players need to adapt to new meta on a weekly basis and can get frustrating with the constant and sometimes imbalanced new content.

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The recent Fortnite winter tournament is a perfect example of Epic not understanding how to cater to both audiences. Adding a new game-changing weapon the day before a big tournament is less than intelligent. However, for casual players, they may enjoy seeing the best players use their new favorite weapon. Epic has a big problem that many developers face on their hands and the way Epic handle it may dictate the games future success.

TL;DR: Epic has no idea on whether to focus on the casual or competitive aspect of their game and ends up pushing their game in two different directions and leaving both audiences frustrated.

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