The recent changes to STW seriously need to be looked at.

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New jumping cap, 'to align the game with BR' – Another change we didn't ask for, since we STILL don't have a crouch option, the 'small' jump was used to get into areas that are now un-reachable. Again – a option to toggle between legacy and new (for old vs new players) would help.

Editing structures, 'to align the game with BR' – Another pointless addition, we don't need to 'build peak' or 'edit peak' in StW – Building is a CORE part of Save the World especially in defense areas, need to edit on the fly? Can't see where the husks are coming from (think the modifier) but now you can't see them due to the the editing being shaded out, we need the transparent editing back for STW.

New auto-pickup, it's 'good' – However harvesting a llama fragment and then people just run laps around you, leaving no mats for you (the outlander who opened the fragment) – Also dropping mats (that you don't need) only to pick them directly back up. Needs to be looked at, either an option to disable auto-pickup and the picking up everything needs to be looked at (Think BR, dropped items won't 'auto pickup' if you dropped them, so your mate can grab them without you accidentally grabbing them.

FOV change with the resent patch to 'align the game with BR' – Nobody asked for it, and makes using AR's actually useless now for people who've been playing for months, the new FOV is terrible and needs to be reverted, or an option to switch between 'legacy' and 'new' (for original players, vs new players)


New harvesting animation, to 'align the game with BR' – Changed for BR so head-shots are easier, again another pointless change in a PvE game, plus the animation looks really silly with some characters with larger heads (Cuddle Team leader, and also Snuggle Specialist Sarah) – Again, needs to be reverted.

PL/Questline cap on zones – Zones need to be capped, if you don't have access to that area you should NOT be able to access it. (If you're needing mal for weapons, but you're not late plank or canny, you've evolved your weapons too far for your current level.) – If you don't have access to the mission (to select from the map) you should NOT be able to access it at all, even if invited.

Bans on global chat – Still seeing the trade bots advertising that website that we ALL know about, selling items. There needs to be certain phrases that are blocked from global – That website, "trade" "taxi" "123" "my homebase" "trading" stuff like that, meaning that users can no longer flood global (think what is global going to be like when it goes F2P ??)

I really hope you guys at Epic can look into these changes, we don't need STW and BR to be exactly aligned, if a change best suits BR it needs to change in only BR, especially something like the recent FOV change, editing change, and jump change – stuff that was working completely fine before the patch.

Thank you

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