The sad truth about new hero class concepts.

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - The sad truth about new hero class concepts.

First off I love reading and seeing art and concepts for a new hero class. Its always exciting to see the amazing new creations that could totally fit into the game and things i would love doing. The hard truth I have tried to swallow and I think some of you need to hear. The new class you made that specializes in one specific thing will not make it into the game.

Do not stop posting these though, I and many others like to read what could be.

This may come off a cruel and mean but listen to my reasoning and I will explain.

Why they wont add a new class in general for a LONG time:

  1. There isn't a need for one. Most of the new class concepts are too specific and could be made into a specific hero perk or even a team perk. For example a few months ago this sub asked for a hammer hero or hardware hero and now we have the black knight and his ability that whips out a big hammer (ha).
  2. Some aren't practical. A lot of concepts sound really fun on paper but when thinking in game about what you would rather have, the creative abilities and perks get beaten by most we have in game now. This will lead to the new glass having the same fate a ninjas a few months ago. Never being used and sitting in most peoples collection book or used as support. Epic then can't remove the hero class or stop adding them because a small percentage would be a squeaky wheel and say "they were my favorite hero".
  3. Some are too strong. Some are impractical and way too overpowered having a mix of all current classes best abilities rolled into one. Epic will have to think long and hard about adding a new class because its taken them a while to get to where they are now with most lobbies, in mid canny (where I am), having a decent spread of hero classes. If you remember a few months ago where everyone and their mom was using outlanders with T.E.D.D.Y spam. Epic won't want to add a class like that and then figure out how to nerf it fairly if its broken (which btw people on this sub will complain about even if its broken).
  4. The squad. There are 4 members in a squad and it was thought in the early days of Fortnite that each class would be played equally 25% (because why would they want any one better than the other) of the time meaning that each member would be a different class. The constructor for support, the solider for ranged damage, the ninja for up close damage, and the outlander for unique bonuses and scavenging team materials. I highly doubt epic will wnat to change their 4 class 4 squad set up.

I still like the concepts but if its that specific it could be a hero concept or ability maybe even a team perk. Not a class. That's the truth I've faced and I needed to say this.


Your hero class concept wont h=make the game because its too specific, overpowered, not game practical, and Epic won't mess up the 4 squad 4 class 'theme'

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