The solution to AFKers and Leachers that we have all been looking for.

index - The solution to AFKers and Leachers that we have all been looking for.

The only good idea from most I have heard is the kick function. Ofcourse it can be abused. But there is another way which I have never seen before.

Instead of kicking. There will be a vote to Separate. Whoever votes yes goes onto a separate instance than the person they voted against. The people who voted for person to stay, stay with the person. I know this is not explaining it better but this is what I mean.

So lets say 4 players. A, B, C, and D. D is AFKing, Leaching, acting bad (rude or toxic), or trying to sabotage the mission so everyone wants to kick. They vote to "separate" and they hop to another instance, leaving player D all alone with 3 empty spots. Also players A, B, and C have an opening for another player. If A and D are together, B and C split off to their own instance.

You might say what is D's game fills up and another "separate" vote goes off again, will he just be filling up with victims? No, you make it so If you are separated 2 times in a row, your current mission gets locked to private only. If you get 3 missions locked to private within a 24 hour period, your game is locked to private but only for a 24 hour period.


Therefore everyone is happy, no-one looses anything. Also the AFK, leach, rude/toxic, or sabotaging player will get punished while innocent players don't in chance of a trolling team (which is pretty low tbh).

I am pretty sure this is possible.

If you guys have any comments on this or ideas on how to improve/make better. Please let me know in the comments.

Edit: Obviously there will be a system in place to prevent people from "separating" then rejoining after staggering for more rewards. Aka, you cannot rejoin a game you have "separated" from. Pretty simple tbh.

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Also when you get "separated" you don't loose any mats, buildings, or quest progress. The instance duplicates at the point of the vote.

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