The Space Storm [Fanmade/Concept Biome after Twine Peaks]

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - The Space Storm [Fanmade/Concept Biome after Twine Peaks]

Hello! You may remember me from my "Downfall of the Storm" concept ending, and it received a lot of positive reception- thank you. Now that I have fully completed Canny Valley, I present to you- the continuation to Downfall of the Storm!

As for the last, strap in- this is gonna be a long one.

After the PL131 Launch the Rocket for Twine Peaks, a new tier – Tier 6 – would be introduced. It would be exceptionally rare at high-end Twine Peaks, but pretty common on The Moon. Maybe Spectrolite could be utilized?

Legendary weapons, Heroes, and Survivors could now be upgraded up to PL154, being very, very powerful. The player would now be upgraded up to 155 with extra survivor slots. An extra Mythic Epic Employee survivor would boost the player to 156. Tier 6 would be unlocked on The Moon – SSD 2, PL131. SSD 1 would be PL 125. As for all SSDS:

Storm Shield Defense 1Waves: 2 – PL: 125
Storm Shield Defense 2Waves: 2 – PL: 131
Storm Shield Defense 3Waves: 4 – PL: 136
Storm Shield Defense 4Waves: 3 – PL: 140
Storm Shield Defense 5Waves: 3 – PL: 143
Storm Shield Defense 6Waves: 4 – PL: 145
Storm Shield Defense 7Waves: 5 – PL: 147
Storm Shield Defense 8Waves: 4 – PL 150
Storm Shield Defense 9Waves: 5 – PL 152
Storm Shield Defense 10Waves: 6 – PL: 154

Missions on The Moon would be PL 135 – 165. A new Husk would be introduced, The Rocket Man, who is, unsurprisingly, a Husk in a bad rocket costume (sorry for bad Photoshop):

His ability would be to be somewhat similar to what an Air-Smasher would be: to launch up in the sky and destroy any walls above 3 tiles. If there are none, he'll crash straight into the ground and die. Really annoying, right? Well, this is where the new trap comes in, The Anti-Air Slayer (again, sorry for crappy Photoshop):

This trap goes for husks mid-air, not lobber projectiles or thrown propane. This means it would target The Rocket Man and Flingers' Thrown Husks. It would destroy the husks in about two shots. It would have 10 shots in the mag, and the reload would take 4 seconds. It would have a chance to crit and kill a husk in one shot.

Now for the storyline:

Lars: Now, since we're in space, you can't, you know… breath. So, I've designed these Modules that'll fit in your pocket that'll give you some oxygen until you get back down here or to the Homebase on the Moon.


RaY: And remember, Commander, you'll only have 20 minutes in each zone, so be careful!

(okay now for actual storyline lol)


RaY: AH! (you hear crashing as she falls back)

Lok: My monster?


RaY: Ah, ah, okay, we get it! Vrooo, yeah, yeah.. why are you here?


RaY: You're.. thanking us?

Kevin: VROO.

RaY: For freeing you from under the Storm's control?

Kevin: VROO.

RaY: Well, err.. you're welcome?

Lok: Yay!


RaY: So you're telling us that you're an interdimensional god of sorts and you defeated the original storm with collaboration from humans?

Kevin: VROO.

RaY: But the Storm this time took control of you when you tried to stop it by yourself before it was too late?

Kevin: VROOOO.

RaY: You.. worked with Dr. Vinderman?! Why didn't he tell me?


RaY: You can help us rebuild his AI?! W-with what?!


RaY: C-commander! The Cube tells us if you get him these mechanical parts, he can rebuild and restart the Vinderman AI! Hurry!

The first mission would be to gather Metal Parts from Metal Objects in a PL 135+ Zone (100). Around 5-10 Metal Parts would come from a Metal Object. The quest would reward you with 5 of either Tier-6 ore, 60k Random EXP, and a random Legendary schematic.

(Skip ahead through the Quests, which are all essentially fetch quests for a Storm Removal Device that the Cube and the Vinderman AI are working on)

The Last Mission:

Vinderman AI: Alright, fire it up.


(a beacon is heard igniting)

Vinderman AI: There we go! Commander, we're going to need you to put this Storm Removal Device down in a Storm infested zone.

The Zone would be a unique zone where you'd have to defend the Storm Removal Device for 10 minutes. It would require 4 players and would throw every type of husk at you. However, you could plant up to 4 Defenders. The mission would then finish as normal, and after the mission, this dialogue would play..

Kevin: VROOOOO. (lightning sounds, similar to what was heard when Kevin was spawned in BR, would be heard)

Vinderman AI: There we go. The storm is now 25% more gone on Earth, and mostly gone on The Moon! Now for, well.. the other planets.

A cinematic then plays, zooming out on the Moon to reveal the Solar System is affected, including.. The Sun?!

7 mini-zones, with around 5 quests each, would be introduced: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The Sun would be at the end as a normal zone, with around 20 quests to complete. However, that's for another day.

Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments! 😀

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