The state of Alerts in all of Twine Peaks

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Ever since I got to Twine Peaks (I'm currently doing PL88 quests) the alerts I've been seeing are quite frankly shocking when you consider where in the game they're appearing (End-game). Today, currently, there are no missions for my questline, which is okay, I don't mind waiting. At the time of writing this post, there is a PL100 Evacuate the Shelter alert giving 15 Lightning in a bottle, which is an okay alert I guess, I cant complain too much about that. What I can complain about however, is that putting "Rare" transformation keys as rewards on PL94 missions, is quite frankly appalling.

A 94 Bomb currently has a Slug Gun (Rare) as a reward. I need this mission to progress through the game, and I know for fact no one will be playing this mission because they don't want to waste one of the few alerts you're given on something that serves literally no purpose for anybody in Twine Peaks. The other 94 Bomb that's currently on the map, is offering an active power cell for completing it. One active powercell is one of the worst rewards I've ever seen for an alert. I have 6 stacks of them, I'm sure most of the people in Twine have at least 1 stack of them, why on earth is a 94 bomb, keeping in mind all alerts also spawn a Miniboss too, giving ONE active powercell as a reward.


Having alerts like these, and many others that aren't scaled to the difficulty of the zone (Better rewards for higher PL missions), is deterring players from playing those missions. It's even worse when none of your missions are spawning on the map, and missions you do need, have awful alerts on them. It's like they're saying "Here, we'll give you a mission to progress, but it has a terrible reward for the difficulty of the zone, so good luck with that".

Can we please fix alerts for the later end of the game? Make the rewards worth playing for, It's already bad enough playing in Twine without the alerts.

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