The ‘stealth’ PVP element of Save The World.

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I've finally had the epiphany about this- Save the World IS IN FACT a PVP game. Here's your normal game, see if you can't spot the PVP elements.

  1. You enter a lobby. It's a PL64 mission, but you're the only one at or above PL64. The others are PL40, PL32, and PL10.

  2. Game starts. Immediately one of the players who has not set up push-to-talk begins to make noises that indicate he's eating his microphone, or his mother starts screaming at him to get off the damn computer, loudly. So, the first few seconds of the game is spent muting at least one player, often two.

  3. A player (often playing a Pathfinder outlander, but since the birthday thing, also often a Skull Trooper) chases down the other players, to inspect their weapons. God help you if you pull out a Gravedigger, because that will surely trip off the next bit- the begging, or the demands. The player will ask for stuff, then tell you to give them stuff, and it's not uncommon for them to chase you around boxing you in to try to give you a hard time. Somehow in the squeaker mind, it's felt that annoying people will make them want to give you things, or help you… not sure where that's taught.

  4. The objective is found. You begin a smart build, some trap tunnels, or a 1×1 around a data drop. In come the other players- at least one walls off your trap tunnels. If you've got a 1×1 started, they immediately turn it into a non-upgraded wooden 4×4. One of them starts spamming low walls all around the area, because he paid attention in the tutorial missions and still believes that's the way to do it. The base is now weak, the traps negated, and you can't move around without playing Mario Brothers. You're ready to start!!

  5. Someone who has been farming bluglo spams the difficulty increase to max level. Of course- why wouldn't a bunch of underlevelled people and a taxi farmer want it max level, right? They've got a 'real' player to carry them.

  6. The objective begins. You note that two of the other players are on the far side of the map, spinning around. If you get mad enough to go check, one of them is in a little BR-style tower boxed in. The other is in a cave looking for malachite. At some point here, one of them will say "SC here- come now!" and then pitch a fit when you don't abandon the objective to do this.

  7. Somehow you solo the mission, because the others have spent the time during the objective defense dancing, trading with one another, walled up in a box, or off farming. With a final racist or abusive curse in the voice chat, two of them log off with the gains you've given them. The third sends you a friend request.

Rinse, Repeat.

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