The Story of the Nicest Commander PL 20 on Plank

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i just have a game ( literally a minute ago) With a guy that was new to the game … i have no idea how much time this guy has been sitting on his chair playing but he said that this was his THIRD day playing. The funny part is that this guy was asking for help on the global chat for a PL 40 mission… i have nothing to do so i agree to help…. then i enter the mission and i see that he is PL 20, so i asked him if he think that he was under leveled to be asking for help for that mission and he said. ¿Why everyone says that ? This is my third day btw…. So i realize this is another underleveled guy on his way to Mid-end Plank, so i told him about the survivor squad.. he had some purples and golds but not enough to make him powerfull he also had a Power level 82 pistol, his only gun, that HE CRAFTED. so i asked him how he was able to get such materials if he was so underleveled. and he answer me with a Llama fragment… ( this way ) and i see him collecting malachite. This guy does not even know what a husky husk is … and he has a weapon more powerfull than me lol…. so i told him what tutorials he must look before he can keep goin in the story. i gave him some weapons. and teach him how to build a basic base for the mission. He was pretty cool about all that .. he could just run with my weapons but he stayed and fight. he asked a looot of questions about how to play this game and i answered most of them … it was hard …. This game does a REALLY POOR JOB Explaining to the new players…. This guy was 20 levels underpowered and was contributing to the mission. i have seen people 10-20 levels over my PL doing nothing but crafting and looting … but this guy was struggling to kill even the tinny husk.


he earned my respect. and i asked him to join my friends so i can help him more in the future …. Epic this game NEEDS a GOOD tutorial… about Trap tunnels .. about elements… about almost everything a new player needs to know…. we need an alert for when we overlevel our weapons… this kind of situation must have happen to a lot of players… that we assume are Brats but maybe they are just new to the game and dont know how to play it…..

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