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Every day I see people on this sub say that combat score isn’t a good indicator of a player’s contribution to the mission. Of course it is! Is it the only meaningful metric? Of course not!

Ever notice how higher level players playing the same class as you have higher combat scores? It’s because they’re doing way more damage and therefore killing husks FASTER than you. You really think they’re just “tagging” husks while you do all the killing? Get over yourself. You really think they’re trying to pad the numbers by doing encampments and putting traps in front of yours? Again, check your ego. They’re just playing the game, same as you.


What’s particularly irksome is seeing veteran posters comment repeatedly that “Outlanders only have the highest combat score because their TEDDYs tag everything”. If you’re saying this, you’ve obviously never dropped a TEDDY in your life. Otherwise you’d know that a TEDDY doesn’t sweep back and forth spraying the battlefield like some lawn sprinkler, tagging multiple husks without killing them. You’d know that a TEDDY targets one enemy at a time until that enemy is dead before moving on to the next one. (The same can be said for turrets). The reason Outlanders have such high combat scores is because TEDDYs and turrets are OP and are killing machines (literally and figuratively) and they kill a fu*k ton of husks quickly—faster than any human can aim and shoot.

Bottom line: you can make fun of people for bragging about combat scores, because seriously, who the fu*k cares? But to say combat scores are a meaningless metric is not quite right. Stop spreading shitty information.

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