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Tutorial Mission: Eradicate the Trade Trolls!

! – Mission begins upon entering Home Base after completing Storm Shield Defense 1. Rewards: Schematic XP

RaY: Uhh… Commander, we have a bit of a… situation. I'm not sure how they got into the area… (to off camera) UNLESS SOMEONE LET THEM IN (to player) …but Home Base is infested with Trolls!

Troll: Laughs

RaY: …and boy are they annoying.

Troll: Ta-rayd-na-okk, Ta-rayd-na-okk, TA-RAYD-NA-OKK!

Pop: Beeps & Whistles

RaY: What's that Pop? …Trade Trolls? …Really? That's a thing? Well… what do they want?

Troll: Ta-rayd-na-okk, Ta-rayd-na-okk, TA-RAYD-NA-OKK!

Pop: Beeps & Whistles

RaY: Uh huh… So, Pop, how is it you know so much about Trade Trolls?

Pop: Beeps & Whistles (nervously)

RaY: We'll talk about that later. Hey, Ramirez?


Ramirez: What's up RaY?

RaY: So… I'm sure you've noticed the Trolls. Well… upon further review… they're actually Trade Trolls!

Troll: Ta-rayd-na-okk, Ta-rayd-na-okk, TA-RAYD-NA-OKK!

RaY (to Troll, exasperated): YEAH, WE GET IT!

RaY (to Ramirez): …they want to trade for your rifle.

Ramirez: RaY, that's ridiculous. We've got the materials and know-how here at Home Base to craft the fire power we need, and we'll only get more as we fight off the Storm! There's no reason to have these Trade Trolls hanging around!

Troll: Laughs

RaY: Commander, Ramirez is right! This infestation ends now! Let's eradicate those Trolls!

! – The player must then find and eliminate the three Trolls lurking around their Home Base. The first two reward crafting materials, the third and final Troll rewards a Schematic Cache.

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