The ultimate guide to being the most effective leach.

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - The ultimate guide to being the most effective leach.

So, you think you've got what it takes to be the ultimate Fortnite – Save the World-er? In this short guide I'll cover the basics of being the ultimate PATHFINDER


Avoid missions like these: take note of the rewards, no evolution materials, and no X4 of any kind of resource. This mission isn't worth investing any kind of time into. I'd recommend only doing this mission if you are looking for resources like Malachite. Now, the big times is in missions like this one: If you want to actually use all those materials you earn on the backs of other players, you're gonna need a lot XP and evolution materials like rain, and these 4X mission are the place to get it!


Now that we've established that the mission you wana do are the 4X missions, lets talk about what strategy you're going to employ to make it out alive and with the rewards. Now, lets not get too crazy. Those 5 thousand herbs you've saved up are used for trading, and not for doing something as ludicrous as crafting traps to actually assist the mission. What your going to do is a little something like this: And voila, those other suckers will actually do the mission for you lol. Be warned though, after about 300 hours you have a chance to receive a short 24 hour ban, just a small hiccup in this otherwise fool-proof strat.


There are many heroes to choose from, but the only ones worth using are the Outlander class called "Pathfinder". These "Pathfinders have many perks and abilities to quickly obtain valuable resources aside from this robot bear thing that helps with storm chests but I have yet to find another use for it. Now, with all of the resources you get, the most valuable are Nuts and bolts, herbs, ores, and bacon. I haven't the slightest clue what other players use these for, but they sure like them. Now, your gonna want to find a high level player to trade these resources for their 130's and 106 guns, because all other guns are completely and utterly useless. Now, theses guns will break down overtime, so you're going to want to avoid using them at all costs. So be sure to only use them when you have to on storm chests.

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I hope you found this guide to be helpful! this has been a post from inside the mind of u/EveryPathfinderEver


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