The ultimate Paleo Luna hero loadout build.

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - The ultimate Paleo Luna hero loadout build.

What is this hero build/loadout?

Edit: Don't want to read a wall of text? Here is a short post without any details just saying what I use.

This is an overkill, extreme loadout using the Paleo Luna ninja. It focuses on the "Blast from the past" team perk and commander perk of 16.5% of your current health being a bonus to your melee weapon damage, allowing you to do incredible damage with melees. It's enough to kill any husk, husky husk, and even blasters in just 1 cut, it doesn't even have to be a critical. Your damage is just that high. Your melee weapon of choice can be good with just blue rarity perks instead of legendary (of course, go legendary if you can, the more the better). As long as you level up your weapon, you'll destroy the husks with ease and the might of a real dinosaur – not just Luna in a nice looking costume. It also happens to be one of the tankiest ninja builds. It has armor and health regeneration to such a degree that you can swing away at husks even in exploding deathburst missions, and only suffer minor injuries at worst. This build can endure.

In this guide, I will give a lot of choices. In fact, there's only 3 non-negotiable things – the commander, team perk, and 1 of the 5 support team members. Everything else you can choose from 1 of 2 options, to give the most variety. This build can suit the largest number of playstyles and preferences possible this way by having a small number of "must haves," but any which way you go, this build can dominate. Anyway, this little preamble is over, let's begin now.


For the gadgets, you can honestly pick any which 2 you like. You can decide. I'd recommend you pick 2 of these 4, however; Adrenaline rush, stationary hover turret, banner, or slow field. Adrenaline rush and banner are the 2 defense-oriented gadgets. Slow field and hover turret are the 2 offense-oriented gadgets from that list. Again, you can pick any gadgets you like, but I'd recommend those. And for a tip, adrenaline rush and the hover turret are the 2 most players default to.

The Hero Loadout

This is the actual hero build now. I'll also go into weapons later and if you're unfamiliar with some of these heroes, I'll get into how to obtain them as well.

Commander: Paleo Luna (Saurian Claws+ perk) (Non-negotiable). This hero is who you will play as in missions, and her and the team perk are the core of the build. With Paleo Luna, 16.5% of your current health is added to melee weapon damage, which gives insanely high numbers in actual combat. Also, this build is NOT an ability-based build, it is a weapon focus one. Paleo Luna's abilities are smoke bomb, kunai storm, and crescent kick. She doesn't have throwing stars or dragon slash. If you came here for an ability based build, check out some dragon scorch builds, but Paleo Luna is not an ability girl!

Team perk: Blast From The Past (Non-negotiable). With 2 dinosaur heroes in your loadout, which is the case here, you get 3x the hitpoints but your shield is out. This is okay though, because you actually end up getting more hitpoints. Without the team perk, 20,000 health and 6,000 shield ends up with 26,000 hitpoints total. With this team perk, you get no shield, but actually have 60,000 hitpoints total. Some of it doesn't naturally regenerate, but the tanky parts of this loadout will cover for it. Also, don't research the Resistance tree for research at all with this build, because it'll be useless when you're shield has a max of 0.

The 5 support team members

Slot 1: Prehistoric Izza (Non-negotiable). This is the only hero in the loadout I'm not providing an alternative for, because there's nobody better than her, and she's 1 of the 2 heroes required for the team perk to activate. With her Saurian Hide perk, you get +33 armor all the time while your shield is at 0, which will be always because of the team perk. 33 armor is about 40% damage resistance, so you'll always take 40% less damage from attacks. This hero is vital in the loadout because it activates the team perk and also makes the build a tank.

Slot 2: Rex Jonesy (Saurian Might perk) or Fossil Southie (Saurian Focus perk). Lets get out other dinosaur hero in the build now so the team perk is on and we can reach its full potential.

  • Rex Jonesy will be useful if you want to carry a sidearm with you, and don't want to be using a melee and be up close and personal with the storm 100% of the time. His perk buffs ranged weapons, and it has a 1 second cooldown. Explosive weapons, low fire rate weapons, and weapons with a magazine size of 1 are the most effective because of the cooldown. Most assault rifles are the least effective because of their high firerate (much faster than 1 bullet per second) and magazine sizes, making the perk activate only so often.

  • Fossil Southie's perk makes your energy regenerate much faster. This allows you to use heavy attacks with your melee weapon more often. As I said earlier, this isn't an ability-based build, but it also helps your energy recover much faster after using an ability. If you're using a spectral blade and are comfortable using only melee weapons, I'd recommend this perk. Slot 4 will also have Forged Fate's "Easy sword" perk as an option. If you've picked that, Fossil southie will heavily compliment that and allow you to heavy attack very often.

Slot 3: Survivalist Jonesy (Survivalist perk) or Crossbones Barret (Goin' Coconuts perk). Because of Pre-historic Izza in slot 1 covering damage reduction, now we will lay the foundation out for health regeneration with either of these heroes.

  • Survivalist Jonesy gives you a base of 31 health every time you kill a husk 3 times, activating once per second. The amount of health you get back per second increases with your Tech F.O.R.T stat. Level up the rightmost tree in your research lab and upgrade survivors in the think tank and corps of engineering squad to increase the healing from both of these heroes. I like this perk a lot because it's just automatically healing you while you're slaying the horde of husks.

  • For crossbones barret, you can find coconuts in missions, which you can eat and heal yourself with. They also give you a damage increase. However, it can be tedious to obtain the coconuts and they take up 1 of your 3 weapon slots, because you have to hold coconuts to eat them. I don't really like this hero personally, but some do and I'm trying to accommodate to the largest crowd of playstyles and preferences here so I'm including him anyways. I prefer Survivalist because it's just less legwork having to manually activate the healing, I get the carry 3 weapons, and it's fully automatic with survivalist. But if you want to have Barret, go for it!

Slot 4: Swordmaster Ken (Legendary Blade perk) or Forged Fate (Easy Sword perk). One thing to note is that this entire hero loadout gives benefits to all melee weapons, but swords are buffed the most, so I recommend using swords in this build. I'll go on more in the weapons section a bit further down, but anyway here are these hero details.

  • Swordmaster Ken's perk grants +25% sword damage while in shadow stance, which is almost all the time. Just slice one husk and you'll slice them all. Another way to think is it gives you a 1.25x multiplier to your sword damage while you're fighting husks. Edit: Because someone asked, the 25% extra damage is applied to your base sword damage before paleo luna's health(0.165) = dmg bonus kicked in. This makes sense because it follows order of operations, but it's factored in before, not after.

  • Forged Fate's perk gives you 65% heavy attack energy efficiency for swords. This means it will cost less energy to use the heavy attack. If you like to use the warp attack on the spectral blade, I recommend this if you don't mind missing out on the large damage bonus swordmaster ken gives. If you picked Fossil Southie for slot 2 over Rex Jonesy, I highly recommend this perk, since his perk compliments Fate's easy sword perk. You'll be able to heavy attack all the time if slot 2 is Fossil Southie and slot 4 is forged fate – but you're losing out on extra damage this way! It's heavy attacks vs damage here.

Slot 5: Deadly Blade Crash (Corrosive strikes perk) or Cloaked Shadow (Corrupted Aura perk). The final slot in your support team will be the miscellaneous slot, but both give extra damage.

  • With deadly blade crash, you'll have the most insane damage when you crit with a sword. You can kill the epic miniboss in under 10 seconds if you have a critical rating perk on your sword. When you crit an enemy, they get affliction damage and are snared on top of that. If the 5th perk on your weapon is damage to either of those, a second strike on that smasher or a few more slashes at that miniboss is enough to destroy them.

  • Cloaked Shadow's perk works really well if you chose swordmaster ken for slot 4. The two perks compliment each other because they both are active while in shadow stance. He gives an area of effect damage cloud around you while in shadow stance, which weakens all husks you're near.

And that just wraps up what you must have, and what choices you can pick for the loadout itself. Also, you can use any heroes you like here if it doesn't interfere with the (non-negotiable) tagged things. You need 2 dinosaurs for the team perk, you must keep Prehistoric Izza in the loadout, and paleo luna is your ninja but that's it. Lets say you want both swordmaster ken and forged fate in your loadout (both of the slot 4 heroes) – you can do that, if for example you don't want either of the slot 5 heroes (Deadly blade crash or cloaked shadow). Overwhelmed by the choices? Here's what I personally have. Paleo Luna as commander, Blast from the past team perk, adrenaline rush and hover turret for gadgets. For the 5 support team heroes I have Prehistoric Izza, Rex Jonesy, Survivalist Jonesy, Swordmaster Ken and Deadly blade crash. Follow that if you feel overwhelmed by choices.

Weapons – which ones to use and how to level them

Because the commander of this build/hero loadout is a ninja, we will be mainly using melee weapons. Specifically, swords, because they get the most bonuses and are the best to work with for perks. You can also use ranged weapons for this build, especially if you are using Rex Jonesy for support team slot 2 (otherwise his perk would be a waste!).

  • Spectral Blade is the #1 sword choice. It swings fast, has incredible damage already without any hero perks buffing it up, and can be perked to be just perfect. 1 crit rate, 1 crit dmg, energy element, attack speed and dmg to slowed and snared targets is the way I perked it.

  • Founder's blazing masamune is second best and a really good sword, but it requires the limited or ultimate edition of the game to get the schematics for. For perks, get 1 attack speed and some crit perks. It's over $100 though, so if you don't have that much money and didn't get the spectral blade, keep going down the list.

  • The Corsair from season 8's "Yarrr!" questline is a fun pirate sword for chopping things with. It also buffs pistol damage if you're using the Jack's revenge alongside it if you included Rex Jonesy in slot #2.

  • The stormblade is a non-event weapon so you can get it anytime out of a llama or other way to get a schematic. It's an energy sword and definitely decent, but not a top spot sword. The epic rarity version is called the laserblade.

  • Stabsworth the III is a knife that swings very fast and nets a great damage per second because of it. Epic rarity is called Nightcleave.

  • Slice 'N' Dice is the last sword I'll recommend, because we're starting to get out of good sword territory now. Slice 'N' Dice is a medium sword that nets damage and DPS slightly lower than the others mentioned here, it's better than average but decent at best. Epic rarity is called rageblade.

Perking weapons

So, we have the heroes, we have the weapons. But what perks should we have on it? Generally you will want 1 attack speed perk, 1 critical rating and 1 crit damage perk. For elements, you can go energy on everything, this build does so much damage it'll still 1 shot all the common 'trash' enemies at energy in fire/ice/lightning storm missions. The levels of these perks are totally fine at blue rarity, but if you can get epic or legendary go for it, the higher rarity the better. When evolving your sword to 4-star, always, always *always* go for OBSIDIAN (which will become brightcore at 5-star). NEVER go shadowshard. The damage increase over attack speed decrease is not worth it, and the weapon will break much faster. Paleo Luna should only ever use Obsidian and Brightcore swords.


Not sure about how to get some of these heroes? I'll explain it, any hero names are bold so you can quickly find them.

Paleo Luna is available from the Tales of Beyond questline in season 9. Prehistoric Izza, Rex Jonesy, and Fossil Southie are all available in the season 9 event store for 2800 gold each. Survivalist Jonesy is available as a base game hero from normal llamas or another way to acquire a hero such as a quest reward. Crossbones Barret was available during season 8 from pirate llamas. Swordmaster Ken is base game, but mythic rarity and can be obtained rarely through normal llamas, highest chance in Super People and Super Hero llamas. Forged Fate is available in Mid-Canny Valley by playing as a ninja in 58 recommended zones. Deadly Blade Crash is an expansion hero, which means she's available from all sources that offer heroes including llamas. Finally, Cloaked Shadow was available in the season 7 event store for 2800 gold during the Frostnite event.

Well, that's everything I think. The guide covered what the build will do, the hero loadout itself with the blast from the past team perk, the gadgets, what weapons to use, and how to perk them. Any trivia or what I personally use I included throughout the post. I've also stated how to get all the heroes mentioned here for players who didn't recognize them. Have fun shredding the storm with this ninja loadout, commander!

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