The Ultimate Quality of Life Improvement (QoL) list for Fortnite Save the World

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Hi all, as a big fan of Save the World I hope to see this game flourish, therefore I have combined a list of much needed QoL improvements to Save the World below.

Before I begin please may I credit the "Fortnite PvE Sweaties PS4" group on Facebook and David Dean on YouTube.

These suggestions are from many players including myself who have played the game daily for a significant amount of time (including alpha players and platinum trophy hunters)

So here we go, if you like any of these ideas please give it an upvote to raise awareness among the Devs. Also please drop and further suggestions in the comments.

1. Reduce the cost of traps to encourage more players to use traps and design creative trap tunnels.

2. Add functionality to craft your schematics at each previous level, for example a Sunbeam schematic could also be crafted in Silver, Malachite and Shadowshard, this will allow you to help lower levels without wasting your high tier mats (perhaps add a bookmark so players can easily select more than one level when crafting).

3. Allow players to upgrade the rarity of survivors with flux just like heroes.

4. Allow players to re-roll survivors personality or set bonus with re-perk (however this would need to be expensive to still encourage dedication to grinding).

5. Increase difficulty of missions, in terms of spawn / terrain / quantity to encourage using traps to win.

6. Introduce the gun turret trap as pictured on the loading screen with limited durability.

7. Introduce more utility gadgets.

8. Increase the variety of both XP and Evo mats which you can farm from 4-man missions (in particular Twine).

9. More consistent ways to farm perk up materials (in particular epic perk up which seems to be rarer than legendary).

10. Provide an option to speed up waiting times (Retrieve the Data, Rescue the Shelter, Evacuate the Shelter etc) in exchange for increased difficulty and rewards.

11. Introduce new ways to use Daily Coins.

12. Introduce more game types


13. Create a new sandbox/developer mode allowing players to design/create their own mission types and/or game modes. These can then either be published in another area for players to enjoy, or get epic approval to be added to the main campaign.

14. Improve the chance to hit crit rewards by making it proportional to the total score in missions, or even just the base rewards

15. Provide the option to opt in/opt out of the alert rewards from group missions so you can save your cooldowns.

16. Provide players the functionality to crouch.

17. Introduce an endless mode for your home bases. Once you finish your 10th Storm Shield defence all your work is just wasted.

18. Increase the stack size to 500 for generic items such as nuts and bolts, rough ore, planks and mech parts.

19. Show your stats and cooldowns in game (preferably on a new tab) rather than relying on external websites such as

20. Add a filter to the play with others missions to select which type of missions you would like to play e.g. storm shields.

21. Make rewards system reward those who contribute, those who don’t shouldn’t be receiving rewards and/or quest progression.

22. Vote to kick system – If a players combined combat and building score is then 15% of the overall teams building and combat score the team should have functionality to kick them (by vote).

23. Finish biomes and story for Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.

24. When destroying your homebase, player-built structures should be destroyed with one hit from a pick axe (just like the horde event).

25. Functionality to detach traps from walls (it is too easy to incorrectly place down the wrong trap on a wall/floor).

26. Turn defenders into trap schematics which can then be re-perked – credit to David Dean.

27. Further suggestions by David Dean here:

Many Thanks for looking and keep on husk hunting!

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