The “Vote to Kick” feature everyone wants. A Solution…but from a Different Perspective.

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - The "Vote to Kick" feature everyone wants. A Solution...but from a Different Perspective.

Hey everyone! Reviving an old post to hopefully bring attention to a much needed thing! Everyone including myself is tired of leechers…afkers…trolls…and now just…bad players… (Check out Edit 2!)

No matter how many "Flawless" Vote-to-Kick suggestions everyone throws on this subreddit..there will always be exploits. Always.

Everyone wants to remove that one (or more) bad player from their game…right? But maybe that shouldn't be what we should be worried about? Maybe instead of removing toxic players…we should focus on adding better ones…but how?

The best solution is a Clan System

Changes / Additions that would be needed:

  • The ability to set your game type to: Public, Private or Clan Members (Doing so will make it so any Clan Member can see and join existing missions)

  • A separate list players who you can join/invite. (Clan Members)

  • A Clan Chat (Easily ask your Clan Members who needs what to set up parties easier…I know not everyone has a Keyboard when playing…and typing on the console with a controller is a pain…so maybe have some sort of Clan Companion App?)

  • If the above feature isn't enough…players could post a mission request where they can select a mission and players can view and fill the slots prior. The host could then start the mission at any time and set the game mode (Public, Private, Clan Members)

  • LARGE rosters. I'm talking max clan size of maybe… 50~ or more?

  • Multiple Rankings and Permissions. Basic clan features.

But yeah…as much as AFKers, Leechers and Trolls are a problem…The best way to combat it is and always was:

  • Having a team to play with.

And I feel this is the answer we need to the problem.

Edit: A couple reviews have brought up some valid points. I'd like to challenge them:

  • What if none of my Clan Members are on? I'll be in the exact situation I am in now..but worse because all the good players are in clans. So in most games…Clan Systems sometimes take things a step further and implement an Ally System. Basically allowing players to not only join Clan members…but Clan members of Allies Clans.

  • Ignoring the problem never fixes it. While this may be true in countless other situations. When changes are made…you must adapt. As the "good" players join clans, the remaining player base will consist of those who haven't joined a clan yet OR those who have been refused to join clans. That being said, if "bad" players are stuck constantly in the same party…either they will constantly fail the mission…OR they will learn to actually play the game.

Read:  Frostnite looks cool and fun, but drops should give more crafting mats (guaranteed powercell on drop), mats from drops should be shared with all team or at least more drops should fall in the map.

Edit 2:

  • All new players will be stuck in a likely toxic whirlpool. How can we help new players who are clan-less not be scared away after the first couple missions? This is something I've been wanting to see for some time now. Basically once you reach a certain checkpoint based on PL, Quest Progression..or can volunteer to be a Mentor. As a Mentor you can set how many "Mentees" you could like to help out at one time. All newly joining players (And players under a Specific PL and/or Mission Progress) can request to be a Mentee under a Mentor. This would be 100% Volunteer. After a certain checkpoint, the Mentee can rate the Mentor and there may be some incentive for both members as well as bonus rewards for the Mentor after "x" number of positive reviews…maybe. But yeah, that should be great for those who are active on here every day helping answering questions. And to tie it into the Clans…helps players potentially recruit / find new players for their clan.

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