The “voting” objective system needs to change.

1516285594 8572 1024x576 - The "voting" objective system needs to change.

I feel currently, it's plain annoying to start objectives due to:

  1. Long timer to restart to vote.
  2. Not voting makes no difference as selecting "No". Makes it worse when there's someone that's leeching and AFK (but that's whole different topic altogether).
  3. Often, people don't notice that a vote is being initiated (lack of clear visual notification).
  4. Bomb launcher defense (the final 4 minute defense) does not have a voting system.

My suggestion:

  1. Reduce the restart timer to 25 or 30 seconds.
  2. Eliminate the "no vote" being part of the vote, making it neutral. For example:

Player A votes Yes

Player B votes Yes

Player C does not vote

Player D does not vote

This would have the vote be successful

Player A votes Yes


Player B votes Yes

Player C votes No

Player D votes No

This would have the vote denied

  1. When a vote has been initiated, make the notification more visually noticeable without disrupting your game play.

  1. Bomb delivery should not have a voting system. The Bomb launcher defense should have the voting system instead.

Conclusion: This voting system currently in my opinion is a real pain to deal (I heavily dislike it as is), but can be improved. In my opinion, votes for objective/difficulty increase are being denied far too often. And almost every time, it's because someone didn't vote when the majority of players want to start the objective.

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