The way StW is set up keeps the population separated for a looooong time.

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - The way StW is set up keeps the population separated for a looooong time.

I've helped three friends get into CV. At the time, I was working my way through CV, so I'd sort of stop doing my main quest, drop down into Stonewood and Plank and help them grind their missions. Between this and keeping up with events, each sherpa into CV took a bit over a month. And each time, the friend ended up quitting when they looked at what CV and eventually Twine would require to progress through.

Now, I have two friends at work who started playing StW and they are each getting to the end of Stonewood. They are having a lot of fun and come to me everyday with new questions. They both keep thinking they will catch up to me sooner than later, ala Destiny, Warframe or most other mmo style game, where you can progress a character into "endgame" fairly quickly and the grind becomes min-maxing and collecting. They have no idea how much still separates them and I (I'm pl93 and in Twine).

So here I am, pretty much playing solo for the past few months ( I have a few friends I've met in the game but no actual, "I knew them before I played this game" friends. I suppose if either of these guys from work stick to the game, maybe by end of summer, we will be in the same ballpark, lol?


I've just never seen such a brutal progression ladder. It is very long, very repetitive and very much unfinished. Worse still, you can easily get screwed for days at a time, when no viable quest will show up for your progression.

As it is, my previously mentioned friends went back to Destiny 2 for the newest dlc. I did too. I was quickly back into fighting shape and able to hold my own in all the new content. Sure, my more dedicated friends have more gear and look prettier but I was more than able to hold my own in the toughest content, after only going back for a week. Now, I'm back to Friday night raids, hitting some strikes when I see one of the many friends I have in the game are on and just feel so much more of a community spirit from it.

My question(s):

  1. Why is progressuon in StWset up like this? This way seems to drive off more players than it retains, so player retention must not be the reason?

  2. How could it be better?

  3. Is anyone else even bothered by this?

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