Their needs to be a kicking system!

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Allot of the missions I play I don't run into many toxic players or people that AFK (now that I am in canny valley) but when their is I get really annoyed because A: sometimes I can't do the mission and B: I get so frustrated I break my keyboard over my computer and yeet my mouse across the room… Soo as you can see from the title this is why we need to have the ability to kick people.

Reasons for kicking. we should have different options for the reason of kicking (which would be more or less like the reporting option) like harassment, AFK, ignoring objective ect so this still gives information to epic about what people are doing and hopefully they can create measures to stop this. dulling the use of a kicking system which is rather ironic

Why? Because adding a kick system will hopefully allow for a more friendly environment and allow for the game to be less toxic because you don't want to get kicked. therefore people that AFK and ignore the objective will hopefully stop doing it because of the consequences

The consequences :o. So if your kicked theirs no question that you shouldn't get ANY rewards and your progress with the mission if doing a quest does not count. If you are kicked just once this will happen but this will not result in a temporary ban. But if you are kicked more than 3 times with in a period you will get a temporary ban. At first it will only be 1 hour but as you get kicked more with in a certain period of time after the ban has ended the time will increase to 4 hours then 1 day then 1 WEEK!

What if the toxic players try to kick me? As long as they is one other good guy in the mission you will not kicked as it will be like activating a mission so you need more than half the people playing to say yes if you want someone kicked. so even if there is 1 guy your playing with he does not have the ability to kick you 😀


What happens in a ban? First you will not be able to play with others on STW so you will not be able to ruin other peoples day and you also cant play with friends because you shouldn't be allowed to get v-bucks from mission alerts. Secondly you will NOT be able to do mission such as daily missions or anything in the quests menu. Of coarse this will really hurt if you get a week ban as you will miss out on allot of v bucks depending on how many you already had and you will not be able to progress. I know this seems extreme but they shouldn't be ruining others fun and it wouldn't be easy to get a week ban unless your a complete ass

What happens to you? If you do kick someone you shouldn't be punished, you being the person that just kicked someone. so you should still keep the bonus power levels you got from him and if you did increase the difficulty you should be able to lower it after somebody is kicked so you don't get overwhelmed

Tl;DR we need a kicking system to make the game more fun and less annoying by creating punishments for people that break the rules

Edit: many people have said that this system would be abused if you were in a mission with 3 other players in a party. A way to fix this would be to make it so if they are trying to kick you if they are in a party their vote collectively would only count as 1. Of course if your in a party of 3 and the other guy is toxic you should just play on friends only mode because if you are doing a difficult mission you will still be able to do it with only 3 players.


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