Theory about the Tear in BR and how it could relate to StW.

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So I was thinking about this Crack or Tear in the sky in BR. And how it might of stopped the Space Time Continuum, but what if we’re actually tearing time itself apart? Think about it theres a giant glowing rift which looks like it’s showing us another dimension. Some people might say that the Rocket was hitting “barriers” but what if it’s just hitting a time rift and then bouncing around in time, almost like a black hole. On top of that there’s been a leak for a new skin called “Noir” which looks like a detective skin. And as we all know the “Noir” era was between 40s-50s. So what if Season 5 is going back in time?

It would make sense in StW too considering the Canny Act is about revealing more about Dr. Vinderman and Ray. And since we don’t 100% know how old Dr. Vinderman was, or what exact time period we are now compared to his past. We also can’t forget that Epic likes to add what they have in one game mode in the other. For example we have a lot of the Battle Royale skins that made an appearance in StW as regular heroes. As well as multiple guns like the Backbreaker Shotgun becoming the “Heavy Shotgun” in Battle Royale. But most importantly of them all is the comet. The comet was first introduce to Battle Royale and it went at least a whole week before it was added into StW maps. So who knows maybe in the next patch we’ll start seeing a giant crack in the sky of StW.


I’d love for this to be the case, I’m a sucker for time travelling, and since I think most of us can agree that the best part of our events are the ones that contribute to the lore of StW. And as for the “The Visitor” skin from BR, the one that launched that rocket and how it could come full circle with StW? Well I like to remember about what Dr. Vinderman told Desiree in the Blockbuster Event about why he wanted to build the suit and thats because something is coming. Maybe he meant the husk’s or maybe he was talking about something bigger then that, maybe someone like “The Visitor”. I mean its either that or we’re in a giant sky dome like in the Simpsons movie… But they wouldn’t do that right guys? I mean how would a comet go threw it! Anyway guys thats about all I have for this theory, let me know what you guys think. Please don’t be to harsh with me xP I just like to share my thoughts. So please don’t be afraid to share yours.

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